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The Nandorian

Posted on Mon Jul 13, 2020 @ 7:56pm by Ensign Gaalen Tholav

Mission: The Nanjing
Location: Upgrade Beds
Timeline: MD2 || 22:30

The Nanjing upgrade beds looked very much like what their intended purposes were. As Gaalen patiently waited for his turn to receive whatever upgrades the Nanjing had in mind for him his body continued to undergo its modifications – although his external appearance remained the same his insides were becoming very different to what they were prior to his assimilation by Zander. Whatever form of resistance Gaalen’s body had put up was both extremely brief and also in vain – as the Andorian flight control officer was now very much under the control and influence of the Nanjing.

As a bed became vacant the Andorian was summoned to the nearest upgrade bed. After sitting down on it he swivelled himself around and then lay flat on his back. The “surgeon” who was in charge of the Andorian’s upgrades looked at his “patient” before going into a deep thought process for a few moments – trying to decide what upgrades they felt would be best for Gaalen.

Once the thought process had ended the “surgeon” went away for a few moments and then came back with the first of Gaalen’s planned upgrades to make him more battle-ready. It didn't look particularly big but whatever it was it was bout to be attached to Gaalen's left hand.

“Raise your left arm and open your hand please”

Gaalen did as he was instructed – lifting his arm and opening his hand before watching as the “surgeon” attached a stun fist onto the hand of what was the Andorian’s weaker – but by no means ineffective in melee or hand to hand combat – arm. It felt like the stun fist was now a part of him rather than a separate covering like a glove – the sensation of the stun fist was completely different.

“Can you feel that Ensign?”

Gaalen nodded. “Yes”

Once the stun fist had been tested the surgeon went away again and this time he returned with one of his colleagues who had just become available – as Gaalen’s next upgrade wasn’t a one-person job. Whilst he’d been spared the loss of a limb to make way for an upgrade – this one was much larger and deadlier than the stun fist he’d just received. After lifting his right arm as instructed the “surgeon” and his colleague attached the retractable forearm melee weapon – which Gaalen didn’t yet know what it was as it was in its retracted form to make fitting it to the Andorian’s arm easier.

Several moments later the installation of his second upgrade was complete – and that too gave Gaalen’s right forearm the same feeling which he felt in his left hand. Based on the conversation which took place between the “surgeon” and his assistant during the procedure it seemed that Gaalen was the first to receive this particular upgrade. After moving to a safe distance the “surgeon” asked Gaalen if he could activate the weapon.

“Could you activate the weapon in your forearm please?”

Gaalen nodded – and a moment later an impressive plasma blade slid out of the housing attached his forearm and above his right hand. After the “surgeon” confirmed he was satisfied with the two upgrades that he'd carried out on his patient he confirmed to the Andorian that he was free to go and report in for his assignment.

Gaalen then sat up slowly before swivelling himself around and getting off the upgrade bed – joining his fellow modified colleagues who were waiting for him at the exit of the makeshift “operating room” and departing for their assignment.


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