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Room For Improvement

Posted on Thu Jul 23, 2020 @ 2:08am by Lieutenant Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Zekori Dosan

Mission: The Nanjing
Location: Main Armoury
Timeline: MD1 || 16:00

Martha had been working on her idea to improve the Triumphant's phaser recharge rate - and while 58% was an improvement she wasn't completely satisfied and wanted to hit the 100% mark. With what potentially lay ahead of them the Triumphant could very well need to make every single phaser recharge count.

After setting up a work station Martha decided to seek out the experience of Lieutenant Zekori and tapped her commbadge to see if the Bajoran was available to give her a helping hand.

=/\="Lieutenant Zekori...could you please meet me down in the Main Armoury if you're free?"=/\= Martha asked.

"I'm on my way," Zekori responded over the commlink. "Zekori out."

Several minutes later Zekori entered the Armoury and approached the Tactical Officer, "Good day, Lieutenant. How can I be of assistance?"

Martha had brought up a schematic of the modified phasers on her work station ready for Zekori's arrival. Whilst she waited she brought up a new file to make notes and replicated herself a cup of tea.

Martha smiled. "Ah hello. I'm currently working on modifying the phaser recharge rate - and whilst I've achieved this I'm not entirely happy with the 58% increased recharge rate and would like at least 100%. I feel that we can do this by getting more power into the anodyne capacitors - but I'm also mindful that too much power could cause them to fail..."

The Lieutenant smiled at the Chief Tactical Officer as he walked beside her, "That's something we can definitely look into doing for you, Lieutenant."

Martha loaded up the design of a capacitor she'd been working on which she thought could take the extra power.

"Thanks. Bearing that issue in mind I've been working on something else that can take the extra power. Early simulations look promising on the whole but they're drawing too much power away from other tactical systems - so if you could help me fine tune the balance I'd really appreciate it" Martha responded.

"Something we can definitely take a look at Lieutenant."

Martha examined the design more closely on the screen and pondered for several moments how she could make the capacitor work in the way she wanted it to. Then an idea - drawing inspiration on technology from hundreds of years ago - came to her.

Martha suggested. "How about we insert something like a fuse to limit the amount of power going into it and stop it being drawn away from the torpedo launchers? From what I've heard they seemed to work pretty well on electrical items on Earth hundreds of years ago"

The Bajoran Operations Chief rose an eyebrow as he wasn't familiar with the antiquated Earth technology, "A fuse?" He started to run his diagnostic tool on the unit in question.

"A fuse was an ingenious device which was designed by Thomas Edison in 1890 to provide overcurrent protection to electrical devices in the event of a power surge. If too much power went through it the metal strip inside the fuse would melt and break the electrical circuit. If we could design something similar then I think that might just solve the problem" Martha replied.

Zekori closed his tricorder and placed it back into its holster. He then got down on his knees and took off a panel to inspect. He grabbed his tricorder again, "We would have to run it passed Master Chief Barnes in Engineering for final approval. I would want to see it work in a simulation first."

Martha responded. "Then there's no time like the present - let's get this show on the road"

The Chief Tactical Officer began working on setting up a simulation which included her idea of using a fuse to restrict the power going into the anodyne coupler which she had designed. After a short while the simulation was ready to go.

"Fingers crossed..." Martha said.

The Chief Operations Officer knew that human expression and he showed that he had literally crossed fingers in both hands.

After seeing Dosan had crossed his fingers Martha pressed a few buttons on the console in front of her - commencing the holographic simulation which they'd created together. As the simulation progressed Martha increased the power load increments by 5% at a time - keeping a watchful eye on the other systems to make sure the newly designed anodyne couplers weren't draining power from them.

"So good..." Martha said.

Zekori looked over the screen as the simulation unfolded, "We could possibly increase power input this way. I have a feeling that if we bypass this point here. I'll get started on it as I have several other ideas, just an idea to increase proficiency."

Zekori powered up another console and uncrossed his fingers. He brought up the coding before they ran the simulation. He pulled up the coding and the plan and added in the new subroutine line. He added two buffers representing conduits on other side and then added a secondary line to increase power distribution.

Martha nodded in agreement with Zekori's suggestion - keeping two close eyes on the simulation as she steadily increased the increments. Although her original background was in Operations the Tactical Officer's experience in the area was much inferior to the Bajoran's - so his assistance and input was very much appreciated. After Zekori had finished inputting his modifications Martha was very pleased to see that they'd had a positive effect.

"We're up to 45% power and after your modifications we're still looking good - taking it up to 50%" Martha reported.

"Hmm," Zekori pulled his hand through his hair while he looked at the numbers, "they are holding at 50%. I believe we can increase it to 60% and stabilize."

He went back to the console to look over the diagram and the code. He looked through the coding to see if there was anything he could change. He input some additional formula.

That sounded like a plan to Martha. She raised the level to 60% and stood back to see the results - and Zekori's additional formula had certainly had the desired effect. No longer were the couplers drawing power from other tactical systems and then overloading - the Bajoran's input had seen to that and the Tactical Officer was very grateful indeed.

"Brilliant...just...brilliant. What did I ever do without you Lieutenant?" Martha said.


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