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Infiltrating Intelligence

Posted on Sun Jun 14, 2020 @ 1:19pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Barnes & Captain Madelina Weisz & Lieutenant Commander Alex Rho

Mission: The Nanjing
Location: Intelligence Complex
Timeline: MD 2 || 0900 Hours

"Have you been inside Intel before?" The XO asked as she and Tom stood inside the turbolift, heading for their destination. Unlike other areas on the ship, Maddy was required to put her authorization code in just to be able to access the department. It was locked down rather tight, but her position on the ship definitely worked out in their favor.

"Not as often as I like," Tom replied simply. He glanced down at his uniform to ensure everything was where it needed to be. Never before had it felt so restricting. "What about you?" he asked her through their wireless connection.

"I've been here a time or two," she answered, straightening out her uniform. What Maddy wouldn't give to be out of it and in something far more comfortable. "I don't know if Lieutenant Rho is going to be present or not, but if he is, it will be best to convert him quickly before he can use his telepathic abilities to catch on. I'll also have to deal with the AI should they become active."

"Where will Rho be? Tom asked. They could only share thoughts at this point, though if one of them were to take a thought or memory, they could pass it to one another instantly.

Maddy cast a glance in his direction. "Anywhere on the ship, but we can find out easily enough," she said. "Computer, what is the location of Lieutenant Commander Rho?"

"Lieutenant Commander Rho is in the Intelligence Communications Facility," reported the computer.

The redhead cast a glance to Tom and cracked the barest hint of a smile. "Looks like we'll be adding another one to the fold," she said. "Which works out in out favor. We'll be able to get our hands on what we need much easier."

"We'll have to get our hands on what we need at the same time we add him to our ranks," Tom pointed out. "Rho won't be able to walk out under his own power, not to mention without protest. We'll need to secure a transporter unit and take that back to the conversion center."

"It's also very likely the AI will react badly to our showing up. This isn't going to be easy, but doable. You'll have to take care of Rho while I handle them and get what we need. Agreed?"

Tom nodded, and sent a verbal acknowledgment through their secure mental link. "If needed, I'm sure we can leave some Nanjing in the Intelligence computer. Probably not a bad idea since it'll help cover our exit and future movement."

"Perfect. We can definitely make what we want happen," Maddy said as the turbolift began to approach their requested deck. "Ready?"

Tom nodded. "It won't take much to get the Commander alone in his office. There's been so much activity with the Borg, I'll be able to lull him in quietly and quickly."

"You're right. He has no reason to go into our minds, either," she stated.

"That won't matter soon," Tom reminded her. The turbolift came to a stop. "Your show, my Queen."

Maddy stepped from the turbolift and took a quick glance around. "Computer, deactivate AI within the intelligence Complex until I give my authorization to reinstate them," she began, giving her rank, name and authorization code. Now, there was only a single person on board the ship that would be able to override her order. She turned her attention toward Tom. "You take care of Rho. I'll start getting what we need."

Tom nodded and took off in the direction of the Chief's Office. The reception area was spacious, but it wasn't long before he was stopped by the receptionist. "Chief Barnes for Commander Rho," he told the officer. "I've got some information that's... that's for his eyes only."

"Sure, he's in the Intel Communications Center. Hang on." The reception performed the series of commands that opened all the doors and the holographic hidden one that led into the main Intel area. "Once you pass the Commander's office and then the open door, the lights will direct you to Communications Center. Oh, make sure you're authorized to enter certain areas. They still talk about the guy that was automatically transported into a zero-G interrogation cell because he used his authorization code before it was transferred to the Intel computer system."

"Really?" Tom asked with slight amusement. Naturally, he found the idea of a zero-G room captivating, especially with the recent enhancements to his body. "And how exactly do I make sure I'm authorized before I use an authorization code?"

"Heh, just ask the computer," came the reply. "Things down here can be difficult to navigate at times, but sometimes it's the simple things still."

Tom smiled. He had to ask the computer if his code was accepted, and there was no telling until it was time to do so. On a whim, Tom simply said, "Computer, verify Intelligence Office access for Master Chief Thomas Barnes, specifically for the communications center."

"Please state your authorization code," said the computer.

Tom rose an eyebrow and looked at the receptionist. This was a massive risk now, but better that it happen here than in front of the entire Intelligence staff. He sent a quick message to Autumn in hopes she could redirect the transporter beam if necessary. "Authorization Barnes Kappa Nine Alpha Epsilon Sigma Beta One Two Zero."

The receptionist shrugged and waited for the computer's response. There was a beep of acceptance followed by a request...since the Engineering Chief wasn't being escorted by the Intelligence Chief. "Please state the purpose of the Chief Engineering Officer's request to access the Intelligence Complex."

His eyebrow remained raised. The Nanjing in his body found themselves annoyed and frustrated with this slow and archaic process of verbal communication coupled with unnecessary security checks. Tom managed to calm them, and resist the urge to add the receptionist's distinctiveness to his own. "Delivery of confidential information concerning the Borg presence in the badlands which was derived by a personal study of the debris we collected. I was hoping that we'd also have a discussion about it as well, which is why I didn't just transmit it."

"Master Chief Barnes is granted temporary access to the Intelligence Complex," it stated. "After twenty-four hours, access will default to request only."

The receptionist looked up at the Chief. "Sounds like you're good to go. Have fun."

Tag Barnes


Alex was in the communications center, having just finished up a call to Starfleet Intelligence about their latest situation, when an automatic message flashed red on his monitor. The Complex's AI security had been deactivated. "The hell..." The Intelligence Chief quickly input the commands to activate the AI security and have them appear where he was.

"Unable to comply," droned the computer.

"The Chief Intelligence Officer can't activate his own AI security in his own department. F*** that!" He got up and ran out of the room and down the corridor, knocking people into the bulkhead. His destination was the Network Data Center and Computer Complex. Once inside, he locked the door behind him.

"Computer, who authorized the deactivation of my AI security?" Alex asked.

"Captain Weisz," it stated.

Alex shook his head in confusion and accessed the Intel computer core directly. Again, his request to reactivate was denied. The resilient Intel agent pulled out his department specific tricorder and linked it to the core. He began a runaround using a few tricks he'd learned and an authorization code that he'd been given when he was deep cover as Tanner Gallal.

When the AI appeared, Alex didn't waste any time. "You two were deactivated without my authorization. I have no idea what happened, but I will find out." So much for going lax on his paranoia. That was going to change right now. "I order you two to guard this room, the Network Data Center and Computer Complex. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is authorized access to this room or the core! I order you to take whatever means necessary to protect Starfleet Intelligence information. And that includes the use of violent and deadly force. I don't care if the whole damn command team is knocking. If this department falls, blow the core. Either the ship has fallen or is about to. That is an order, authorization Rho-zeta-four-zero-gamma-gamma-two." He then input the same code he'd used to reactivate them.

The AI nodded their ascent and took up positions. "Commander Rho, you are also part of the command team now."

Alex paused before walking through the open doors, "I know," and left the room. He took a few deep breaths, collected himself, and went back to the Communications Center. When he got there, he found a message from the receptionist that Chief Barnes was on his way in with information regarding their study of the debris.

Tom had reached the outside of the communications center, quietly taking in the sights around him in the process. The last time he'd visited the complex, Tom hadn't seen much, nor did he remember much. This time, the Nanjing. quickly and carefully recorded every detail into Tom's memory. Tom didn't know if or when he would need this information again, but only time would tell.

"Computer," Tom immediately called out, repeating his lengthy authorization code from before in order to request access to the room.

"Authorization code accepted," the computer answered. The doors slid open to reveal Alex's back. He was sitting in a chair and had just closed out a few notes. "Come on in, Master Chief," he said without turning.

"Thank you," Tom acknowledged as he entered the room. He took immediate note that the Intel Chief hadn't turned around, but he paid it no mind. As a fellow senior officer, he was more than aware how busy one could get. Tom could only imagine the additional workload being a member of the Command Staff as well. "I'm not surprised you were expecting me," he stated to Alex. "You run a very efficient and communicative department."

Alex got up and approached Tom. "Despite our rather secretive reputation, I try to keep things as efficient need-to-know allows. Not much goes on down here regarding Intelligence that I don't know at least something about." He laughed before continuing, "But there are things that slip in once in a while. I'm not perfect."

"There's little wrong in desiring perfection," Tom reasoned, waving a hand to emphasize his sincerity. "It must be... overwhelming. Having to review so much information each and every day. Come up with predictions, models, facts and figures. You must really enjoy your job."

Alex chuckled, "If I didn't, I'd quit. Or least put in for a transfer back to Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters." He settled back into the chair he got up from and gestured to the others. "Have a seat, if you'd like."

Tom was confronted with a choice. If he sat, it would be make it all the more challenging to make his move when the time came. If he stood, it might give Commander Rho a reason to suspect him. Neither option sounded appropriate. "Actually, Commander, there's something I need to show you. I've learned a few things about the Borg debris that we brought aboard that might be of interest."

"Oh?" replied Alex as he sat forward. "Now that could prove very helpful indeed. Can you show me here or would you prefer my office?"

The third option worked, and Tom found himself pleased. "We should start in private. What I've got is more of a theory anyway, and I don't want to spook the spooks, if you catch my drift."

"I do at that. No reason to upset the natives if you don't need to," he said. "And we're back to the need-to-know, the compartmentalization of information. Welcome to Starfleet Intelligence." He grinned and got up. "Follow me, it's only a short walk. You actually came through it on your way here."

"Yes, I met your receptionist." Tom gestured with a hand towards the door, indicating for him to lead the way. "Nice person. I hope you don't mind leading. It may not be my first time down here, but I really don't know my way around."

"Not at all." Alex led the way through the labyrinth that was the Intel deck and back to his office. Once there, he secured the door and the room. "Now, let's see what you've got."

"Do you remember yesterday in the lab?" Tom asked. "When I got hijacked by that Flight Recorder? I haven't been able to stop thinking about the Borg since then. Been studying the debris, replaying the images over and over again. May I?" Tom gestured at the controls for Alex's desk.

"Yes, I remember that well." Alex put in a code and stepped to the side when Thomas gestured to the controls. "By all means, Chief."

Tom instructed the computer to call up a video feed from the Cargo Bay. As he did, he walked around the. desk to stand near the Ullian. Tom was a bit concerned with what was about to transpire, especially with whether or not the intelligence systems would detect that the feed had been falsified. The holographic feed came to life, and the simulated feed was in full force, obscuring the drones that were dismantling the Borg debris.

"As you know, the cube we found was devoid of many of the common materials such as silicon, duranium, tritanium, gold, et cetera. These are commonly used in most hulls and structures that require durable metal. Every bit of it was surgically removed at the near-subatomic level and invisible to the naked eye. Nothing was left behind. I think what we're dealing with are some kind of microscopic swarm."

"Yeah, I remember that," said Alex. "But...subatomic surgery? Done by a microscopic swarm, no less." He looked at Tom. "Are we talking about some kind of new weapon?"

Tom winced. "I wouldn't call it a weapon. That's an awfully... barbaric term. Perhaps its best if I just show you." With that, Tom reached to his left, aided by the proximity he now had with the Intelligence Chief.

"Show me?" Alex questioned. "If you have more detailed video, subatomic video, let's see it. Don't hold out on me, Chief."

Tom smiled, eager for permission. "As you wish." He raised his hand near Alex's neck as the projection in front of them flashed, revealing the floating drones that were dismantling the Borg debris for materials.

"What the?" He looked at the floated drones intently. "This...this is...different." He was about to turn and face Tom with some more questions.

The slits in Tom's four fingers opened and four tubules lashed out at Alex's neck, ready to begin the process.

Before he could say or do anything, Rho's joints sudden seized. He couldn't move anything. Or say anything. He tried to move his jaw, to get out a yell, but nothing. He tried to use his abilities to get into Tom's mind and find out what had happened, but he started to lose his concentration. Not consciousness, but concentration. Helpless.

Tom smiled, still pumping the Nanjing into the Ullian's body. "Can you hear me my queen? I have what I came for."

"Excellent," Maddy said with a smile of her own. Things were starting to fall into place now. "We need to complete his conversion, then we can begin the next phase."

Tom's smile only grew. Yes, he would enjoy the next phase immensely. The reign of the Nanjing would soon begin.


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