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Posted on Mon Apr 13, 2020 @ 9:35pm by Captain Madelina Weisz & Piper Aravan & 2nd Lieutenant Gage Aravan

Mission: The Nanjing
Location: Personal Quarters
Timeline: MD 1 || 1300 Hours

Gage sat back in his chair in the family quarters that he shared with his wife, Piper and their son Liam, who was currently on his Daddy's lap babbling away about something and making an occasional noise that was either a raspberry, or the sound of an SJ-93 assault pistol. Where he may have heard the second, Gage didn't know, but he listened to his son intently.

Piper made her way into the main living area and smiled at her two favorite fellas. Without hesitation, she made her way over to them and kissed them each in turn. "What are my two guys up to?"

He returned his wife's kiss and smiled. "Liam is telling me the store of the akcabakakababble and the poonaishkabibble," he said, earning a look between treachery and betrayal from his son that he hadn't been able to tell his Mommy first.

A smile formed on her face as she settled down on the couch, looking to the two of them. "Is that so? And it would seem that you weren't supposed to tell Mom anything if the look on his face is anything to go off of," she said. "Now, what do you two feel like eating for lunch? We can go to The Black Hole if you want to, or I can have something sent to us. I'm good either way."

"How about some baby back ribs with all the fixings?" Gage asked her.

"Ribs for you, chicken for me and Liam, it is," she said as she rose back to her feet to move over to the terminal. Once she was seated, she pulled up The Black Hole's order form and began to tick off the things they wanted.

"Oh, could add a bottle of Briath?" he requested, which she knew was an aphrodisiac liquor made on Rigel V.

Piper cast a glance at him from over her shoulder. "And... why do you need that exactly?"

"I was thinking a little you and me time," Gage said. "We can ask Mike if he and Spencer could watch Liam."

"Do you honestly think we need help in that department?" She asked, but added the bottle to their order regardless. "As for Liam, I'm not sure I want to put my sister through that. She's close to popping now, and doesn't need anymore stress added to her daily life."

"What about Captain Weisz?" he suggested.

Piper looked thoughtful. "It couldn't hurt to ask her. I'll definitely let you do the honors, though."

Gage disentangled his son from his arm and got up, then headed over to the console in their quarters where he sat with Liam in his left arm crook. "Computer, address communique to Captain Weisz. "Would you care to watch Liam tonight? Me and Piper would like a little alone time. We'd greatly appreciated and he's a joy except when you tell his stories to someone else. Gage" and sent it.

Liam squirmed in his Dad's grip. It was his way of wishing to get down when something on the coffee table caught his attention. His father's combadge, and the little one was hellbent on getting his little hands on it.

It wasn't much longer before a response came through from the Captain. I've already spoken to Tom, and we don't mind keeping him for the night. Just make sure he has everything he needs for the night so there aren't any surprises.

"She's okay with it and all we have to do is get him packed," Gage said as he noticed his son trying to get down, then saw what he was looking at. "Could you get my combadge before I set him down, honey?"

"You think you're going to get you Daddy's combadge, don't you, Monkey?" Piper asked as she moved over to grab the object of their son's current affection from the coffee table. She put up higher and laughed when the boy started to babble at her. His mother could only imagine what he was telling her, but she was amused.

"Oh, now he's really giving it to you," Gage laughed as he watched his son.

Piper laughed and moved over to scoop Liam up, pressing a kiss to his temple. "He'll be okay. He has a ton of toys to play with," she said, letting him loose so he could go dump the rather large bin over.

"Uh, honey, don't we want to get him ready to go?" he asked.

"Er... Maddy's still on duty, and probably will be for the next few hours or so," his wife told him. "And not to mention, our lunch is going to be here soon. I'm not ready for him to go anywhere just yet, either. Since he's going to be spending the night with Maddy and Tom, I want as much time with him as I can possibly get."

"I forgot," Gage said. "I'm not used to having downtime. I should be on duty right now. Let's go spoil him rotten."

Piper settled down on the couch and watched Liam toss toys about. She would clean it up soon enough, but for now, it was entertaining to watch her baby boy try to decide which toy was going to get his attention. "We can do that after lunch. I don't want to miss the delivery."

"You won't," he said. "They wouldn't dare skip out on delivering to the person that pays them."

"Not if they were smart. Still, though, I'm a bit hungry, and I know little man has to be, too. Just as I'm sure you are."

"Want me to go terrorize them?"

"There's no need to," she answered, moving onto the floor to play with Liam when he finally chose something that held his attention.

At that time, the door chimed and Gage got to his feet. "If it isn't the food, I'm going on a hunt," he vowed as he went and disengaged the door lock and opened it. Sure enough, it was one of the regular waiters from The Black Hole with their food.

"Sorry it took so long, Mister A, Missuses A," the Betazoid delivery person said as she handed over the food.

"Don't think anything of it. We're one of the busiest places on the ship, so I definitely don't hold it against you," Piper said as she scooped the baby up and made her way toward the door. "Thank you for bringing it, too. I'll transfer your tip to you directly."

"You're welcome, Missus A," the person said with a smile as Gage took the food and headed to the table.

Piper pressed a kiss to Liam's temple and brought him over to the table where Gage was, then settled the little guy in his high chair. "I'll get his together. This kid loves his chicken and fries."

"He does," Gage agreed as he sat down and began to get their food out and plated for him and Piper. "And no one makes them better than The Black Hole in this or any other quadrant."

"You say the sweetest things," she told her husband as she began to put Liam's food on his tray.

"It's true," he insisted. "There's a running bet in Marine Country that they'll never find a better place to eat in this quadrant."

"I believe you. I see quite a few Marines in and out of there when I'm working. I think a lot of it has to do with you, though," she told him as she settled down at the table once their son was taken care of. "I don't think I've asked you, and I feel horrible for it, but how are you liking your new role as the XO?"

"Honestly, I haven't had a chance to do anything since we got sidelined this mission," Gage said as he dug into his side of ribs. "This is something I can get used to."

"Having down time?" Piper asked him.

"Yes," he said as he looked over at her. "I don't live in Michael's shadow anymore."

She smiled. "Because you're making your own way in the Starfleet world."

"No, because I don't have anything to do," Gage responded but his eyes said he was joking.

Piper reached out to take his hand. "You have me and Liam to keep you busy for now, and to be perfectly honest, I'm very excited to have you around more. I know our son is, too."

"I'm excited to be here more, too," he said as he gave her hand a soft squeeze. "It's just weird not having to prepare for one hot mess after another."

"Well... enjoy it while you can, because it's likely to change without any notice," she said. And with that, she continued to make conversation with her husband and kept an eye on their son while they ate.


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