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Suspicious Findings

Posted on Mon Dec 30, 2019 @ 9:33pm by Commodore Michael Aravan & Lieutenant Jas Niecta & Lieutenant Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Kyra Silvan Daughter of House Kilrah

Mission: The Nanjing
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 1 || 1230 Hours

Michael returned to the bridge. "Okay, people. I want every sensor on maximum range scans for anything that moves or looks suspicious," he said. "Mister Niecta, set a course around the Cube and expand it once a revolution," he ordered.

"Aye sir." Jas replied, his hands moving to enter a new flight path. The Triumphant moved to establish a path around the Cube, based on his commands. "Holding distance just short of maximum weapons range." His hands moved across the console briefly, "Escape paths plotted as well."

"Lieutenant Cusack, what's the status of weapons?"

Martha again checked the status of the weapons before reporting these findings to Michael.

"We've managed to avoid any damage to them so far Captain. All phasers and torpedo bays are still functioning" Martha said.

Michael tapped his combadge =^=Aravan to Lieutenant Silvan, what's the status of the repairs?=^=

=^=Kyra here, Captain it is a mess but repairs are proceeding as fast as we can go=^= she said shaking her head and sighing. "GET that ODN power tap fixed before something else blows", she yelled.

=^=Doctor Armitage, prepare for possible assimilated crewmembers=^= Michael ordered, hoping it wouldn't come to that.

Doctor Armitage responded, "Acknowledged, Bridge. Standing by to receive assimilated crew."

"Commander Rho, I want every bit of information you can find on events like this happening," The Commodore told his Intelligence Chief.

"I can have some of that to you in just a few minutes, Captain," replied Alex. He made a few swipes and types before continuing. "The rest will a bit longer. But I can get that to you." He paused, thinking that it would take a little longer. But it didn't. "Well, that was quicker than I expected. I have several reports of other freighters disappearing in this area. Sensor sweeps of the area didn't pick up anything, either. There's no trace of them, Commodore." He checked the reports of the sensor scans again. "And it looks like they didn't pick up any kind of trail, warp or otherwise, leading away. It's almost as if they simply vanished."

"Ships simply don't vanish," Michael stated the obvious. "Find out everything you can. Vectors, locations, distress calls, crew complement, everything."

"I can have that information for you soon, Commodore," replies Alex.

"Lieutenant Cusack, I want full spectrum analysis of all weapons catalogued by the United Federation of Planets that could do something like this," the Commodore stated, knowing it wasn't something that would provide ready results since they had no idea what caused the freighters to vanish in the first place or if it was a weapon that had done it.

Martha nodded and immediately began her research. She was fairly sure of the origin of the weapons which had done this - but a full analysis was necessary to confirm whether her inclination was correct or not.

"I'm on it Commodore" Martha replied.


Kyra was reading the sensor logs and came across something that made her think. It was very true that ships just don't disappear. Yet there were ways for it to happen and some would include masking the ships period from sight. Dampening fields were one way and holoprojections were another. Now Kyra also knew that borg cubes could open up holes so maybe they had the capacity to open up a rift in space and tractor the ships into this rift. However, this was all theoretical and she needed to either prove it or find some evidence to take to the captain. "The hell with it", she said tapping her combadge.

=^=Kyra to Commodore, can I see you. I have a theory on this disappearing ships out here. I might have some answer or possible input=^= she said.

=^=Report to the bridge,=^= Michael ordered before he turned his attention back to the screen on the bridge.

Kyra handed off engineering to her senior engineer and headed for the bridge. It didn't take her long to get there however, stepping onto the bridge, "Commodore....", Kyra said coming to a halt next to him.

"Report," Michael told her.

"Commodore ships just don't vanish without some trace. I can think of ways for that to happen. A ship could be hidden using parabolic mirrors and masking the warp signature. The saturation of surrounding space with actinides and thallium particles are known to interfere with Federation sensors. Also spatial time rifts or rips in the fabric of space could also be a reason. However, in this case, given the size of this cube I am willing to bet that the missing ships are inside that cube. A mission we were on actually proved that point," Kyra said. "The cube we were following had tractored more than a dozen ships inside it", she said.

"Scan for any of those," Michael ordered, although he doubted any ship could hide behind a mirror of any kind, let alone have one big enough to hide behind.

"Scanning now sir", Kyra said. Looking over her scans she thought it funny that these ships vanished so quickly. "Hello.......", she muttered, applying another algorithm to her scan, "There you are, faint as hell but there none the less. Now where did you lead to..." Kyra almost shouted out but didn't. "You son of a bitch!!", she said loudly.

Michael cleared his throat at her outburst. "Problems, Lieutenant?" he asked.

"No....not problems only that I found a very faint warp trail leaving from here directly to the cube's outermost door and it stops there," Kyra said.

"Continue scans," Michael ordered.

"Continuing scans as ordered sir," Ky'ra said an continued to search as ordered.

Logan had spent the last few minutes recalling the remaining recon flights. The planes were already low on fuel and now that the Triumphant was clear of the plasma storms her sensors would prove more effective at detecting any threats than the limited ability of his air wing. He gave orders to have all planes serviced and ordnance checks made. He then secured the Mission Ops Two station and approached Michael in the center seat. "Sir, request permission to leave the bridge. I want to personally supervise the preparations for further space operations."

Michael nodded. "Start patrols as well, Lieutenant," he told the CAG officer.

"Weisz to Triumphant... bring us home." came over the comm and Michael gave a nod to the replacement Operations Officer. "Bring them back," he ordered.

"Aye Sir," the Benzite acknowledged as he locked on the away team and beamed them back to the ship.

On the screen, the Borg Cube seemed to shudder before it literally fell apart in front of the Triumphant and then exploded, sending a shockwave of debris against the shields and armor. "Helm, get us away from here," the Commodore ordered.

Jas simply nodded as he engaged their escape trajectory at maximum impulse. Confident in their chances that they'd have better luck with this shockwave than the plasma storms, Jas still monitored the readings from the shockwave to be sure they'd gotten a solid enough headstart on it.

"What the hell was that?", Kyra said loudly!

"That...was your theory destroying itself by the look of it," Michael told her.

"Helm, set a course for Selluna II," Michael said with an inward sigh as one of their leads disintegrated.

"Aye sir. Course laid in at warp eight." He reported quickly, fingering hovering over the command to execute at a moments notice.

"Engage," Michael ordered.

Jas simply nodded, as the Triumphant arced and jumped to warp speed.

Kyra was left standing at her engineering console trying to figure out what just happened and why. Her scans and instruments gave her no good cause to even suspect the ship exploding in the way it did. Even more crazy was the way it just came apart first and then exploded. Most borg cubes just explode first then the parts but this was exactly the opposite. The parts then the explosion.

"We all have work to do," Michael said as the ship headed for Selluna II, so let's get to it,."


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