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Posted on Wed Oct 9, 2019 @ 10:57pm by Commodore Michael Aravan & Captain Madelina Weisz & Lieutenant Colonel S'er'in'e & Lieutenant Commander Arrda & Lieutenant Commander Kelani Tetanal & Lieutenant Commander Alex Rho & Lieutenant Jas Niecta & Lieutenant Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Kyra Silvan Daughter of House Kilrah & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter & Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Barnes

Mission: The Nanjing
Location: Bridge/Engineering/Medical
Timeline: MD 1 || 1030 Hours

On the bridge of the USS Triumphant, Commodore Michael Aravan paced from station to station and quietly asked for status reports. He came to Captain Weisz before the others. "Captain, what's the readiness status of the crew?"

Maddy stood in front of her chair with her hands clasped behind her back. She wasn't too keen on what they were about to stare down, but at the same time, the Captain supposed someone had to do it. It just so happened the Triumphant, and her crew, got to be the lucky ones to deal with it. "All departments are ready, Commodore," she answered. This would be a good test for their ablative armor, though.

"Thank you, Captain," he said before he headed to the left side of the bridge to start with the department heads. "Master Chief Barnes, what's the status of the engines?"

"Slipstream, transwarp, and good old fashioned warp are ready on your command," Tom replied to the flag officer. "All other systems are responding nominally."

"Excellent," the Commodore said before heading to the next station. "Lieutenant Commander Arrda, how does our shields look?"

Arrda looked up from his holographic display to meet the commodore's eyes. "We are currently at maximum. I have also employed a frequency rotation algorithm to minimize the risk of their weapons finding the frequency or holding it." He knew, better than most, that nothing was unbreakable, but he was going to do his damnedest to ensure that it was not only not easy, but that the Borg would have to work for every millimeter. "And the ablative armor is online and ready for deployment at any moment." He moved his hand to gesture toward the control that would activate the armor.

"Very good, Commander," Michael said as he headed to the next person.


Kyra, being left in charge, was running diagnostics and interviewing other engineers as to their job duties. She enjoyed being the small boss while the big boss was on the bridge. As the hustle and bustle of engineering became more and more normal in her mind and in her actions. Walking through engineering made her happy to be doing what she loved the most, careing for another ship and her crew.

"Bridge to engineering," came Tom's voice over the intercom. "Standby for warp speed."

"Kyra here chief, warp is at captain's descretion" came the reply.


As ordered S'er'in'e had the marines kitted out and patrolling the decks of the ship. Everyone understood the risks from the briefing he'd given, reinforced by section and team leaders. The Borg were worthy of respect, they were not to be underestimated and S'er'in'e made it very clear that hand to hand combat was at the very least, a last resort. Nearly 500 marines roamed the ship and while some might be made uneasy by the sight of armed patrols, he hoped it would put nerves at ease for most.

"Lieutenant Cusack, how's our armaments looking?" Michael asked Martha as he approached her.

Martha replied. "Chief Barnes and I have been working on an idea I've had to improve our phaser recharge rate. Unfortunately due to a lack of time we've only been able to install anodyne capacitors to two of our phaser arrays but they're looking good. Everything else is also good to go"

The Commodore gave a nod and headed to the Science station. "Commander, how do our sensors look

“They are currently at optimal efficiency including the enhancements I was able to make during the last mission. I will begin to attempt to enhance them more shortly.”

"For now, leave them as they are," Michael ordered. "Just keep an eye on them when we enter The Badlands." He said as he headed to the helm where the new Chief of Flight was.

"Lieutenant Niecta, have you had opportunity to study the new scans of The Badlands?" he asked the Trill pilot.

“Aye sir.” Has tapped around his panel overlaying the latest maps of the Badlands on the main viewer. Already marked were the new anomalies that had been reported along with some of his own notes about it.

"Plot several courses and let me know."

Jas nodded and pulled the map back to his console, while setting the computer to work in the background while he finished up his own work to prepare them to leave from port.

The Commodore carried on to his Second Officer who was also the Chief of Intelligence. "Report, Commander."

Alex swiped down one of the holographs to minimize it and brought up another one first. It displayed Selluna II, rotating until it stopped where an outline showed the location of a colony. "This is Selluna Two, Commodore. And this," he said, touching the hologram, "is a Bajoran colony." The image zoomed in when he touched the colony. "It has a population of fifteen thousand. Contact has been intermittent at best, though. The increasing plasma storms in the Badlands is what's most likely causing that problem. The only other ship nearest the planet when the Cube appeared is the USS Phlox." He brought up the screen from a moment ago. "As you can see, it's still days away at high warp." He swiveled in his chair to face the Commodore. "There's currently no contact with the colony since the Cube appeared. Not with Starfleet or, to my knowledge, the Bajorans."

"Lieutenant Hunter, launch the fighters."

Logan stood by a situation table in the Wing's Tactical Planning Office. "Launch fighters aye." He was looking at a holographic display of the Triumphant and the surrounding space when the order came down to launch. He turned to the communications coordinator and nodded. The coordinator in turn opened a hard line to the flight deck. "Launch the reconnaissance flights. Establish a forward 60 degree perimeter 45,000 kilometers ahead of the ship."

Eight fighters catapulted into open space and accelerated as the flight deck became a scene of scrambling pilots and enlisted crew to get the deck ready for the next round of sorties. Reports from the deck filtered to the Wing Tactical Planning Office. Logan tapped his commbadge. "Bridge, Hunter. First combat reconnaissance patrol has launched and will reach their area of operation in two minutes."

"Mister Niecta, secure permission to depart and take us out at the highest safe speed we can muster through The Badlands once we're clear," Michael ordered as he headed back to his center chair.

"Aye." Jas replied. Before sending off their formal request for departure, he ran through the final series of checks including making sure all hatches were closed, provisions, crew, and others were aboard as well. Showing all clear on his end, he then shifted his attention to their flight path. Selecting the fastest route to the Badlands, he sent the flight path to the station and laid it in for execution once they were clear to launch.

His console flashed with a message. "We've been granted permission to depart. Course for the Badlands, laid in at full impulse, we'll go to warp once we're clear. Ready at your command, Commodore."

"Take us out, one quarter impulse until we're clear, then engage at warp five," Michael ordered Lieutenant Niecta.

Jas gave a wordless nod as he modified his original flight plan, and then executed it. Throughout the ship a soft thud could be heard and felt as the station’s external connections disengaged leaving the shop to fly on her own. “We’re on our own. Taking us out now. We should be clear of the station in a minute, and at warp in two.”

As the Odyssey class ship went to warp, the Commodore hoped things didn't go as bad as they did the last time in The Badlands, but with the Borg present and a Bajoran colony at risk, he knew it was just wishful thinking.


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