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A Review of CAG

Posted on Fri Aug 16, 2019 @ 1:38am by Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter & Commodore Michael Aravan

Mission: Refits and Reviews
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Md 7 || 1500 Hours

It was near the end of Alpha Shift when Michael finally found himself ready to review the ship's CAG officer and let him know of new changes. He tapped his combadge as he headed for the replicator for his eighth cup of coffee that day, his real coffee maker having suffered a break earlier and he hadn't had time to requisition a new one from the Quartermaster.

=^=Lieutenant Hunter to the ready room.=^=

Logan was on the flight deck signing off on the next days watch bill for CAP rotation and maintenance work. He looked up subconsciously as the call for him to report to the ready room came over the comm circuit. He tapped the commbadge on his duty uniform.

=^=Acknowledged sir. On my way.=^=

Logan nodded to the deck duty officer before departing the flight deck. Three minutes later he stepped off the turbolift onto the bridge and crossed to the door to Michael's ready room, depressing the chime button to announce his arrival.

"Enter," Michael called as he cleared the LCARS table of other data that Starfleet had sent him for review and pulled up the Lieutenant's personnel file.

Logan entered the ready room and posted at attention before Michael's desk. "Sir, Lieutenant junior grade Hunter reports."

"Have a seat, Lieutenant," he said. "Would you care for something before we start?"

Logan relaxed his stance and took the offered seat in front of the desk. He gave a slight shake of his head. "I'm good sir. Thank you though." He was at a bit of a loss regarding the summons.

"So, Lieutenant," Michael began. "I know you've had a recent promotion in both rank and position, so this evaluation is going to be a bit light. Have you had time to settle into your new role, and how are your personnel reacting?"

Logan let out a long breath. He had been unsure of what the purpose of the summons was. He knew of the various evaluations being conducted. Kelani had mentioned it at dinner the night before. He had half expected to be relieved of duty for his reckless stunt in going after two Orion fighters by himself and the subsequent damage to his own fighter after igniting a gas cloud in the middle of the Badlands that had left his Valkyrie damaged. The follow up on the old Maquis asteroid base had almost went south as well. He could have not only ended up dead, but caused the death of thirty odd young adults and adolescents just now being transferred to the starbase. "Things have been a little overwhelming at times sir. Especially the mountain of PADDwork that seems to collect on my desk every time I walk into my office." He paused for a moment to consider the second part of the Commodore's inquiry. "As far as the pilots and ground crews, I've really had no issues there."

"I would give you the standard review, but unusual circumstances have put you in an unusual place, Lieutenant," Michael started. "In this situation, you're a new officer in a new post and have a bit of history behind you already. Can you reasonably explain to me the course of your actions during the past mission?"

Logan had figured his actions during the last mission would come into question, especially during a performance review. He nodded at the PADDs on Michael's desk, pretty sure that one or more of them held his service record and his mission report following his rescue. "Mission profile called for my flight element to provide close support for the escort of the Apollo through the Badlands. We engaged the Orion fighters per SOP and drove them back beyond the phase line. It was clear that if we broke off they would reengage. I made a tactical decision to have my wingman break off and return to the close support and coordinate tactical considerations with the Victorious. I continued engaging the Corsairs to give the other elements time to complete the mission. I was finally able to destroy the two fighters. Granted it was a stroke of dumb luck and my bird did take extensive damage in the process, but it also ended with the rescue of over thirty persons on the old asteroid base." He paused for a moment. "I am not a by the book officer. I doubt I ever will be. I have always tried to stay within protocol, but there are times I get a gut feeling that something needs to be done and done outside the normal means...because that is the only way it can get done."

"For the record, I'm not very by the book, either, but there's still protocols to call in, Lieutenant," Michael said. "With that being said, I find what you did to be very commendable and there will be a commendation in your file to reflect that. I'm certain the survivors of the Dominion War will be grateful to be reunited with their families because of your actions."

Logan was slightly astonished at the news of a commendation. He blinked a few times wondering if he'd heard the Commodore correctly. He finally found his voice after a few heartbeats. "I...thank you sir." He paused for a moment. "I have a personal favor I would like to ask you sir. Kelani...I mean Lieutenant Commander Tetanal and I have decided to get married soon. She and I would like you to officiate. Would you please do the honor of marrying us?"

"I would," the Commodore said, pleased to have been chosen over Admiral Breckenridge. "However, I have a lot on my PADD at the moment, so it may take some time. Remind me so I don't forget, but not every day. Tell Yeoman Efits and he'll make sure I know."

Logan nodded to acknowledge his understanding. "Thank you sir. It really means a lot to both of us." He looked at the stack of PADDs on the Commodore's desk before returning his gaze to the Commodore. "Will there be anything else sir?"

Michael gave a wry smile at the question. It seemed the Lieutenant was dismissing himself. "No, that'll be all," he said. "Thank you for your service, Lieutenant. Dismissed."

Logan's mind starting going back to his duties as he rose from the chair. Being the CAG was definitely more than he had anticipated when given the billet. Maintenance reports, manpower reports, air wing supply and equipment reports, aviation ordnance reports. His mind was already awhirl as he stepped out the ready room to return to the aviation decks.


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