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Posted on Tue Jul 2, 2019 @ 12:52am by Commodore Michael Aravan & Lieutenant Jas Niecta

Mission: Refits and Reviews
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 3 || 0900 Hours

His personal effects were safely in his new quarters aboard the Triumphant, along with everything else including a newly synthesized uniform courtesy of the quartermaster. Now the only thing standing in Jas' way of actually getting down to work and properly familiarizing himself with the ship was reporting in.

After a brief conversation with the Officer of the Watch, Jas was directed to the Commodore's ready room. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts and give his new uniform a final tug, he pressed the door chime.

"Enter," The Commodore called and the doors slid open.

Squaring his shoulders and dispelling any remaining anxiety about this meeting, Jas stepped through the door at the Commodore's answer. Whether he was ready or not, the time to start fresh had come.

"Lieutenant Jas Niecta reporting for duty, sir." He said coming to stand at attention just inside the door allowing it to close behind him.

The Commodore's Ready Room wasn't a small office by any means. There was a large glassy black surfaced table with a dozen high backed comfortable seats around it, a replicator, and every wall was covered in shelves that contained over a dozen species of bonsai trees. The Commodore sat at the head of the table and nodded to new officer as he introduced himself.

"Welcome, Lieutenant Niecta," he said. "Please, have a seat and relax."

"Thank you, sir." Jas said, visibly relaxing as he crossed the room to take the Commodore up on his offer. His ready room was significantly bigger than what was on the Caelian - as was most other things on this ship it seemed. "It's a pleasure to be here."

"Tell me a little about yourself," Michael said.

"The short and simple is that I grew up on Trill. My father a mathematician with the Trill Science Academy, and my mother a doctor. I went to TSA as an astrophysics major before coming to the Academy to finish my studies and pursue my dream of finally getting into space." He paused; shifting slightly. "I was assigned to the Caelian as an astrophysicist, even though my primary focus at the Academy was in piloting and navigation, before making the transfer to flight control. Eventually, though the order came through for me to come here."

"Have you ever tried to break any records at the Academy off the record?" the Commodore asked as he activated the LCARS table and called up the Trill's personnel file which included everything.

"Several times." Jas chuckled. "Unfortunately I didn't beat any of the records - came close - but no dice." For as much of a flyboy as he was, some records just weren't meant to be broken by him it seemed like. "Plus one of those chases nearly got me killed which was a total joy kill."

"Do you know what records you're going to be breaking here, Lieutenant?" Michael asked.

"If you tell me first Trill senior staff member, I'd be floored."

"The floor is waiting, but that's not the record," the Commodore said. "The record you won't be breaking is the one where you try to treat the ship like it's your personal racing craft."

"Understood, sir." Jas said with a nod. It was an understandable restriction given the ships size and compliment. "My last posting was quite clear on those limits and I hadn't planned on pushing them here either."

"The Victorious is another story," Michael said as he nodded at what the Trill officer said. "It has a cloak and it's built for speed and combat. Treat it accordingly if and when we do have to go into combat."

"You can count on it sir."

"You'll start on Alpha Shift tomorrow and you can use today to get familiar with your personnel roster and the runabouts and shuttles as well as the Victorious today. Also, don't forget to check in with Medical. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Understood. None at the moment, sir." He stood and extended his hand to the Commodore. “Thank you.”

Michael stood and shook the Trill's cold hand and nodded. "You're welcome and welcome to the Triumphant."


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