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A Stellar Performance

Posted on Tue Jun 25, 2019 @ 11:48pm by Commodore Michael Aravan & Captain Madelina Weisz & Lieutenant Commander Kelani Tetanal

Mission: Refits and Reviews
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 7 || 1000 Hours

Michael tapped his combadge after finishing up his unorthodox evaluation with Maddy. =^=Lieutenant Tetanal to the Ready Room,=^= he said as he went to the replicator and had it create a small black box which he took to set on the LCARS table. "Would you like to do the initial evaluation, Captain?" he asked Maddy.

Maddy shook her head. "I'll let you conduct the evaluation, but I will chime in throughout. If that's okay with you, Commodore." To her, it just seemed better that something this important came from their most superior officer.

"Certainly," Michael said.

Kelani looked up in surprise at the summons, but tapped her combadge, replying, “On my way”

Leaving the lab, Kelani made her way to the Ready Room and pressed the chime.

"Enter," Michael called.

Kelani entered the Ready Room and came to attention, saying, “Lt. Tetanal reporting, sir.”

"Thank you for coming so promptly, Lieutenant. Please, have a seat," the Commodore said with a smile.

Kelani returned the smile, all the while wondering about the summons.

“I felt that you must need me, so I came as quickly as I could,” she replied.

Michael wondered how he should respond to that as he did need her or he wouldn't have called her to begin with. "It's crew evaluation time, Lieutenant and your name came across my desk. Would you care for something to drink before we get started?"

“Some tea, if you please, sir,” Kelani replied as she wondered why her name should have come across the Commodore’s desk at such a time. She reviewed her actions during the last mission and could find nothing untoward. She forced her nerves down, deciding to wait and see what the Commodore had on his mind.

Michael replicated a mug of steaming green tea for her since he didn't say anything as for preferences and offered it to her. "Please relax and we can get started."

Kelani nodded and took a large sip of tea forcing calm upon herself.

“Very well, Commodore, I believe that I am ready,” she replied.

"Do you know that you're one of the original crew of this ship from when I first took command of it? There's only a handful of officers like you," he said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Kelani’s eyebrows climbed. She was aware of many transfers, both on and off, but she hadn’t realized that they were that extensive.

“Indeed?” She asked, curling her fingers around her cup, “I had not realized that....”

"It's true and such dedication isn't unrecognized," Michael said. "Not to mention you stellar performance in upgrading our sensors while in The Badlands," he added and gave a look at Maddy.

"Your performance has been impressive, Lieutenant, and we're currently working on our crew evaluations, which is why we've called you here," the Captain stated, but chose to clarify. "Well... one of the reasons we called you here."

Kelani frowned, puzzled, “One if the reasons? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

She waited, puzzlement now predominant in her mind.

"The main reason is this," Michael said and got up. He opened the hand he had concealed for a moment to reveal a small black box. He opened it with his other hand and showed her a hollow gold pip. "Computer, please let the record reflect on startdate 66462.37 that Kelani Tetanal is hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations, Kelani," he said as he handed her the box with the pip.

Kelani’s eyes widened and she gasped in surprise. After a moment she collected herself and accepted the box with a hand that trembled slightly.

“Thank you, sir,” she said. “I am honored by this...”

Maddy smiled toward Kelani. "Congratulations, Commander. Your promotion is well earned."

Kelani smiled as the realization settled in. “Thank you, Captain. Thank you, Commodore. This is an extraordinary honor.”

"You earned it, Commander," Michael said. "With the sensor enhancements that you and your people did in The Badlands, you've just given Starfleet an edge that no other race has to my knowledge. The applications that the improvements can be used are, no pun intended, astronomical."

Kelani smiled broadly at Michael’s words. “I am glad that it will be useful and I will always do my utmost for you.”

"Which we'll always appreciate," Michael told her. "Looking over your record, you're an exemplary officer that others should wish to be like," he said. "Where do you see yourself in a year or two?"

Frankly, I have not thought much about it,”. Kelani replied. “I feel that I am where I was meant to be, so my hope is that I will still be with you in some capacity.”

"Surely, you've had to given your future some kind of thought," the redhead stated. "Do you see yourself in Command, perhaps working at Starfleet HQ when you can't go any higher up the starship food chain? Something must have crossed your mind."

Kelani’s expression became thoughtful as she thought about Maddy’s words. After a few moments, she told them, “I think that I would like to become an instructor at Starfleet Academy after my time in space.”

Maddy smiled. "And that's something I think you would be great at. Teaching the officers of the future isn't something that just anyone could do, either. At least, that's my personal feelings on the matter. You would make an excellent instructor."

“Thank you, Captain,” Kelani said with a smile. “Coming from you, that means quite a lot.”

"We do have a subspace Academy here on the ship, Commander," Michael reminded her. "Why not to spend a few hours there off duty and sit in with the cadets and other officers taking refresher courses or new studies?"

“That is an excellent idea, Commodore,” Kelani replied. “I shall certainly do so.”

"It would also give you a little insight into what being an instructor would entail," Maddy offered.

“Indeed,” Kelani replied. “It will give me the opportunity to determine if I would truly make a good instructor and I would have time to re-evaluate my options.”

"Contact my Yeoman and he'll set up an appointment for you," Michael said.

“I will, sir. Thank you.” Kelani replied. She smiled, her eyes sparkling as she thought of Logan’s reaction.

"Do you have any questions for us?"

“Frankly, I am still so excited and surprised that I cannot think of any questions at this time,” she replied.

"Do you have any other questions for her, Captain?" Michael asked Maddy.

"No, Sir, but I do have a statement," the redhead said, looking toward Kelani with a smile. "Keep up the good work, Commander."

Kelani smiled at both Michael and Maddy as she told them, “You will always have the absolute best that I can give.”

"We wouldn't expect anything less," Michael said. "Dismissed and enjoy your promotion, Commander. You've earned it."


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