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A Different Kind of Battle

Posted on Thu May 9, 2019 @ 11:59pm by Commodore Michael Aravan & Lieutenant J.M. Armitage & Spencer Aravan

Mission: On Slippery Ground
Location: Captain's Personal Quarters
Timeline: MD 1 || 2200 Hours

With the Triumphant still stuck in The Badlands and the crew running ragged on all three shifts, Commodore Michael Aravan finally left the bridge and returned to the quarters that he shared with his wife and kids. When he entered, he headed straight for the bedroom and began to take off his uniform.

With Ava and Mikey asleep in their room, Spencer took the opportunity to take a shower. She was done now, standing inside the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and running a brush through her hair. There was a moment of pause when she heard movement in the bedroom. Were one of the kids awake? Did their animals manage to get into something? She didn't know, but it warranted an investigation.

Spencer made her way into the bedroom, ready to reprimand her kids only to see her husband standing there. A smile formed on her face as she approached him. "Hi, babe. How was your day?" she asked, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek.

He jerked back when she went to kiss his cheek, then sighed as he pulled his tunic off and tossed it aside. "Lousy," he grumbled as he moved to grab an off duty shirt. "I hope that's over now. How was yours?" She

She blinked twice when he pulled back from her, but chalked it up to being overwhelmed and overworked. "It was... fine. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Michael said as he pulled his shirt on. "I'm just pissed that we have all this fucking Security on the ship, yet Chameloids infiltrate it and the Victorious, take the place of our crew and then introduce viruses into the system. What good are they?"

Spencer blinked again. Far worse things had happened in the past and he never acted like that. "Mikey, honey, this is life in Starfleet."

"This didn't happen when you were my XO," he said almost accusingly, then stopped. "No, I didn't meant thahhhhhh!" He brought his hands up to his head and sucked in a harsh breath.

"Michael! What's wrong!?" she demanded, try help him sit down on the bed. "Tell me what you need me to do."

"My h-h-head," Michael moaned as he staggered and sat down heavily on the bed. "Hypo. N-nightstand."

Spencer rushed over to the nightstand and pulled the drawer open the grab the hypo. She set it and prepared to help him take it, then frowned. "It's empty," his wife said, trying not to go into full blown panic mode, but she was nearly there.

"Then what good is it?!" he shouted and came to his feet, his face getting flushed with anger. "Well? What are you waiting for, me to fall over and die? Get a doctor!"

Maybe it was her concern for her husband's well being that helped her overlook how much of a jerk he was being to her, but somehow she managed. Spencer searched through the clothes he took off and tapped his combadge once she found it. "We have a medical emergency in the Commodore's quarters. Send Medical personnel immediately."

[ Dr. Armitage's Quarters ]
[ Concurrently ]

Doctor Armitage tapped his commbadge while standing up from the couch in the living area of his quarters, "This is Doctor Armitage. I am on my way personally."

[ The Aravan's Personal Quarters ]

"S-Spencer," Michael moaned as he sank to his knees, pain written clearly across his face. "Help me!"

Spencer kept her hand one his shoulder. "Someone is coming, honey, just hold on a little bit longer."

The Doctor tapped on the call button as soon as he arrived caring a medkit.

"I'll be right back. Don't try to get up," his wife urged him as she made her way into the main living area to answer the door. A look of relief came over her when she saw the medkit, knowing it was someone from Sickbay. "It's my husband. Something isn't right," she said, stepping aside to let him in. "He's in the bedroom. This way." With that, the former Commander turned to make her way back to the room she'd left her husband momentarily. "Michael, honey, help is here."

"Not a problem, Mrs. Aravan. I am Doctor Armitage, the new CMO." The Doctor followed her towards her husband.

"I don't need help!" Michael shouted from the bathroom. "I need this migraine to go away!"

Armitage set his medkit down on the floor. He slid out his medical tricorder on his belt, "Good evening, Commodore. I would like to run a medical diagnostic, is that alright?"

"Do you always barge in when someone is using the bathroom?" Michael asked as he came out with water dripping off his face. "Or is it an especially annoying skill you learned that needs to be unlearned, Doctor?"

Spencer blinked again. It seemed she'd been doing a lot of that since he'd gotten home. "Michael! He's here to help you. There's no reason for you to be such a jerk to him," she said with a frown. "Stop your complaining and let him do his job."

"I come to wherever and whenever someone is medically distressed, Commodore." Armitage replied with a bit of assertiveness.

"You could have waited until I was done," the Commodore said as he grabbed a towel and wiped his face. "Let's go to the living room." Without waiting for a response, he turned and exited the bedroom and headed into the living room where he sat on the couch like an annoyed teenager.

"I apologize for my husband. He isn't usually like this," Spencer said softly. "I... I don't know what's gotten into him, but I fear you're going to have to surgically remove my foot from his backside. So, while you look him over, I'm going to check on my children." She gave him a sympathetic smile, then excused herself.

"Not a problem," Doctor Armitage nodded to the Commodore's spouse as she took her leave. He made eye contact with his superior, "Are you usually agitated with your attending physician?" He inquired sarcastically. "How long have you had these migraines?"

"Only when I'm in pain and being bothered," Michael grunted. "For about..." he paused. "Spencer! Can you come in here?" he called out.

Doctor Armitage started to scan with his tricorder waiting for his wife to add to the conversation.

A cry rang out from the other room followed by an exasperated sigh that couldn't be heard. Spencer scooped up her crying son and snuggled him to her, offering soothing and calming words as she rubbed his back. "It's okay, buddy. Mommy has you," she cooed as she made her way to the living room. "You bellowed?" His wife was already a bit irritated with him thanks to him being a jerk to her only moments before.

Michael had the decency to look a bit contrite when he heard his son, but he still had a question he had to ask her. "How long have I been getting these migraines?" She

"I don't remember exactly. A couple years," she answered, continuing to rub her son's back.

"Have you been suffering from any minor memory loss?" The Doctor inquired.

"How would I remember if I had memory loss?" the Commodore asked sarcastically. " far as I remember."

"I think I have figured out what is giving you these migraines," the Doctor paused. "Commodore, you have a brain tumour. There's nothing that I can do about that here."

Did she just hear what she thought she did? A brain tumor? Her husband had a brain tumor? The room started to spin, Little Mikey's crying growing quieter as the seconds ticked by. She swayed where she stood, reaching to grab a hold of something to steady herself, only there was nothing there. Spencer gave in to the beckoning darkness and fell to the floor in a heap, their son falling to the floor a couple feet away. He let his displeasure be known in the form of a cry designed to let the entire ship know he was not a happy camper.

Michael started to say something, but the sight of his wife collapsing and their infant son hitting the floor drove him into action. He bolted from the couch and nearly ran over the Doctor getting to his son who he immediately began to check to see if he was bleeding or had any obvious breaks. "Mikey! Spencer!"

The baby didn't appear to be physically hurt, except maybe his feelings. He clung to his father and wailed uncontrollably. His mother, on the other hand, was down for the count.

At the commotion, and he sweetest little dark haired, blue eyed girl walked into the living room clutching her stuffed Intelligence raccoon, Spooky, to her chest. "Daddy?"

The Doctor quickly found himself by Spencer Aravan. He scanned her, "She passed out. Didn't seem to hit her head on the way down." The Doctor set down his medkit and opened it. He grabbed a hypospray and a vial of cordrazine and administered 1 cc of the drug that should be enough to wake her.

Michael tried to calm his son and brought his daughter over to him, but he was clearly distracted by the news he had been told and then Spencer passing out. "She's pregnant, Doctor," he said. "Check the babies."

The Doctor nodded his head remembering that this was discussed during his briefing when he came aboard this morning, "The babies sustained no injuries in the fall." He wondered if the Commodore had that discussion about booking an appointment.

"Thank the stars," the Commodore said. "Ava, honey, can you go back to your room? Your Mom is going to be okay and so is your brother." Me, not so much.

Spencer stirred around, but she was clearly confused. "Wha... what happened?" she asked, realizing she was looking up at everyone.

"You passed out," Michael said as he held their son. "Are you okay?"

Instead of going back to her room, Ava ran to her mom who sat up and cradled the little girl to her chest. "I'm fine, though, it's not every day you hear your husband has something going on like mine does. The question is, are you okay?"

He didn't really have an answer for that and all he could do was try to put on a brave face. "As okay as I can be."

"Do you need help to get up?" Doctor Armitage offered assistance to Spencer as he got up to one knee. "I will be running every routine medical scan I can on your husband before I operate."

Spencer shook her head. The news just kept getting worse, which meant she needed to stay right where she was in the event her body chose to betray her again. She did go a bit pale at the doctor's words. "Operate? You're going to do surgery?" She was so glad her daughter was dozing off again, and though he was starting to quiet down, Little Mikey had no idea what they were talking about.

"Again, I am going to run every scan I can before I operate to know ones going on up there."

"I'll do what I have to do," Michael said quietly. "Although I doubt Maddy will like being in charge until I recover."

"I... need to bring the kids to my sister," the former Commander said softly, her mind racing along with her heart. "Promise me you won't do anything to him before I get there." Her gaze turned to the doctor.

"I won't."

Spencer rose to her feet, adjusting Ava as she did so, then held her other arm out for the baby. "I need to pack them a bag, then we'll be on our way. It shouldn't take more than twenty minutes."

"Wait....we're going to do this tonight?" Michael said as he looked between Spencer and the Doctor.

"I... I think it would be best to get this taken care of before it can get worse," she said softly. "This is very serious."

"Do I have to officially pull a Starfleet Medical Regulation 121 on my first day?" The Doctor inquired.

"No, Doctor, you don't," Michael said. "However, I'm going to want a full neurological scan before you start cutting into my brain." The last was an order that was almost a growl as he glared at his Chief Medical Officer for threatening such a thing when he hadn't resisted.

"Then we are on the same page then," the Doctor replied in agreement.

"Of course we are," the Commodore grumbled. "Do you think I want to walk around with a brain tumor?"

Spencer looked to her husband. "Do you need a few minutes to yourself to process this?" she asked. If his attitude was any indication, she felt he could use it. But then, how would she react if the roles were reversed?

"What's to process?" Michael asked his wife. "The Doctor has threatened to relieve me of duty and I'm used to having to make the hard calls. There's been enough of them since I was put in charge of this ship." He paused, realizing that he was nearly snapping at the woman who had stood by him through all of those hard decisions and softened his tone. "Get the kids ready, please."

"Doctor Armitage... Michael and I will meet you in sickbay. I think he should come with me to bring our children to their Aunt and Uncle," she said. "I can assure you we will both be there within half an hour after we've spoken to our family on board."

Doctor Armitage nodded his head understandingly, "I'll have Sickbay prepped for your arrival. See you both in thirty." Armitage gathered his equipment into his medkit and left.

Spencer turned toward her husband. "Are you okay to carry one of the kids?"

"It's a tumor, not a weakness," Michael grumbled. He wanted to scream, but he held his tongue and went to get his son.

"Please... please don't let the next thirty minutes be tense, honey. I know neither of us expected anything like this, but it explains so much. You've been getting these migraines for so long, and now we know why," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. So many things were going through her mind, but the big one was losing him. Spencer couldn't live without him. She knew that now.

She met him halfway, then leaned in to kiss him, remaining as strong as she could for him. "I'm going to be with you every step of the way. I promise you that. I love you."

He returned the kiss. "I'm going to need it," he said quietly. "I love you, too. Let's go fight a different kind of battle."


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