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What Are You Doing Here?

Posted on Mon Feb 4, 2019 @ 12:43am by Commodore Michael Aravan & Warrant Officer William Fontaine & Petty Officer 1st Class Ben Efits & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake

Mission: On Slippery Ground
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 1 || 1245 Hours

Dani stood next to a biobed with a PADD in her hand going over inventory for ship's next restock when they were in port next. This particular task was done multiple times a day, everyday because of how many individuals they saw daily for their various ailments. This, however, was the first check of the day, and that was knowing there would be at least two more throughout the day.

She finished the check and signed off on it, then sent the report off to the CMO before moving over to the nurses station to put the PADD back in its rightful place. Now, it was time for her to check patient charts. Thankfully, for a ship as large as the one she was serving on, there weren't a lot of patients staying in the private rooms, but there were enough that she needed to familiarize herself with any changes since morning before she began making her rounds for the afternoon.

Willie stepped back from a medicine cabinet with a medical tricorder in his hand scanning the current supply that had came on at Deep Space 10 and compared it with the inventory that already had, then did a cross reference once he linked it to the PADD in his other hand. "Let's see what we have the most of now," he said as he began to check.

Dani blinked when she heard the voice, turning to look toward it. "William? I thought you were supposed to be on the Victorious?"

"Why would I be on the Victorious?" he asked as he turned at the sound of her voice. "Do you have a hot date and need me out of the picture?" he teased.

"I... I said goodbye to you this morning before you left," she said, looking confused.

"What time was that?" Willie asked as he looked confused.

Dani shook her head. "I... I don't remember exactly. You kissed my cheek, muttered needing to board the Victorious, then left."

"If I had to be on the Victorious, I would have done more than muttered," he said and added a snap of his fingers to it and a uh uh noise. "I've been here since Alpha shift started and no one told me that I shouldn't be here."

"That's just odd," she frowned. "I've been in the storage room most of the morning going over supplies."

"A storage room and you didn't invite me? Shame on you!" Willie teased her.

Dani blushed. "Lunch isn't that long away. You can wait until then." And while he might have been teasing her, she wasn't teasing him.

"Do you think it'll be safe or even open once we head into the Badlands?" he asked her.

"I don't know what's going to be safe," she admitted.

"Neither do I, especially with someone running around impersonating me," Willie said.

Dani frowned again. "Do you really think someone is running around pretending to be you?"

"I don't know but I do know you never said goodbye to me this morning," he responded.

The petite woman was confused, and she could only imagine how he must feel. "I did, though, but it was odd. You didn't look at me, and you didn't tell the baby goodbye like normally do," Dani said. "Should we maybe report this to someone, you think?"

"Definitely," Willie said. "You know that I'd never not look at your gorgeous face or tell our son bye. I think the Commodore should be told."

"I think sickbay is in good hands while we go do that," she stated.

"Then let's go," he said.

Dani had to wonder why he didn't just exit sickbay, then decides it was likely due to other things on his mind. She made her way to the exit, only stopping to let a passing nurse know where she and William would be if anyone needed them for anything, then she moved out.

When she and Willie arrived at the bridge, only junior officers and the Commodore's Yeoman were present. The Yeoman came to his feet and approached them.

"Can I help you with something?" Ben asked in a pleasant baritone.

"We need to see the Commodore immediately," William said.

"Sorry, but he said he didn't want to be disturbed unless it was an emergency," Efits told them.

"How does there's a copy of me running around on the Victorious sound for an emergency?" William asked.

Dani rolled her eyes. "Do you honestly think we would waste our time coming up to the bridge if this weren't an emergency? We both have duties to be doing, but something has come up that requires the Commodore's immediate attention," she said, trying to fight back her annoyance. "Of course, we can let him find out in his own, and when he calls Warrant Officer Fontaine and I into his ready room to hand out the ass chewing we all know will happen, I'll be sure to throw you under the proverbial shuttle." She turned on her heel and began to walk away. " Come on, William. We have work to do."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Ben called. "Copy of you? Just a moment." He tapped his combadge =^=Yeoman Efits to Commodore Aravan, priority override Efits One Nine Six Alpha.=^=

In his ready room, Michael started to look up in annoyance when his combadge chirped and then stopped when he heard his Yeoman's voice and the override authorization. =^=What is it, Ben?=^=

=^=I have two officers here who say there's a...well, they better explain it to you,=^= Ben told him.

=^=Send them in=^= Michael responded.

"Go ahead in," Ben told the two.

William looked at Dani and gave a nod towards the ready room. "Let's go before he changes his mind."

"Thank you," the blonde said to Ben before turning around and making her way into Michael's office. She offered her Commanding Officer a nod of respect as she clasped her hands behind her back. "Commodore Aravan."

"Can I help you?" Michael asked.

"Warrant Officer William Fontaine, Sir. This is Lieutenant Blake," Willie said by introduction. "I'm assigned to Medical on Alpha Shift and Lieutenant Blake just came by to ask me why I wasn't on the Victorious, Sir."

"And why aren't you?" The Commodore inquired.

"Because according to Lieutenant Blake, I told her goodbye this morning and went on it," William told him.

Michael turned his hard green eyed gaze on Dani. "Tell me exactly what happened, Lieutenant."

"I work Alpha as well, but I was incredibly busy today, and spent a great deal of my time in secondary sickbay checking our supplies" she clarified, not wanting to waste more of Michael's time than need be. Regardless of what kind of gaze he held, though, it didn't seem to phase her. "This morning, while I was getting ready for my shift, Warrant Officer Fontaine returned to our quarters muttering something about forgetting his combadge. He leaves before I do in the morning, so I didn't think any of it was unusual."

She paused to let him process that, then continued. "Before he left again, he muttered joining the Victorious crew and kissed my cheek before leaving," Dani said. "I was running a little late, so it didn't strike me as odd until I found William in Medical about half an hour ago."

"The thing is, I didn't forget my combadge and no one told me to report to the Victorious," Willie said. "I never went back to our quarters."

"Then we have an intruder who is possibly a shapeshift...or Changeling," Michael said and reached to press an area on his panel which sent an intruder alert to Security. He knew the Chief of Security was on the Tantamount, but the alert went out to the Assistant Chief of Security and would put them on alert. "Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Is there anything else?" He asked while thinking ahead about contacting the Victorious to alert them.

"No, Sir," she replied.

"Mister Fontaine, when you leave here, use the bridge transporters and go to the Brig," Michael told him and held up a hand when Willie started to protest. "You're not under suspicion but if there's a copy of you on the ship or the Victorious, it would be best to know where you are."

"I...yes, Sir," Willie said. "Would you like me to submit to a blood test as well?"

"That won't be necessary and you'll be treated like a guest, albeit one in the Brig. I apologize for that."

"I understand, Commodore," Willie said.

Dani's eyes went wide. The brig? Was that truly necessary? "Sir, can't he be placed under house arrest with a guard placed outside the door?" she asked, swallowing back a lump in her throat. Thinking about him in a cell, regardless of being treated like a guest, didn't sit well with her. "I am willing to help guard him, too, if you allow it. At least, he would be given the chance to spend some time with our son."

"Very well, but you are not to leave your quarters until such time as the intruder is captured," Michael said after a long minute of watching the two of them. "I'll need your combadge and I'm removing your computer access for the time being."

William plucked the combadge off his uniform and set it on the Commodore's desk. "I understand, Sir," he said. "Does that include replicator use?"

"I'm certain that Lieutenant Blake can operate that for you," Michael said.

As a precaution, Dani removed her own and placed it on the desk. Hers could be used just as easily. "Thank you, Sir. I hope whoever is responsible is apprehended quickly. Can you have a guard meet us at the turbolift so I'm able to pick our son up from daycare?"

The Commodore shook his head. "You can use yours, Lieutenant," he said as he offered it back to her. "It will only work for you and the computer will be able to detect elevated stress levels if you're forced to use it under duress."

Dani accepted it back and nodded as she pinned it back in place on her uniform. "Thank you again," she said, truly grateful William wouldn't have to spend any time in the brig.

Michael called a Security person to the ready room, a hulking human male that looked like he could lift a runabout. "Please escort these two to their quarters and post a guard there around the clock," he said.

"Yes, Sir," the Security man said. "If you two will please come with me?" he asked in a surprisingly soft voice.

Dani looked a little panicked. "Our son! We need to get our son first!"

"Where is he?" The guard asked.

"Daycare on desk ten," Willie said.

"Then that'll be our first stop," the muscular man said. "It'll give me a chance to see my little princess, too."

She looked to visibly relax. "How old is your little girl?" she asked as they began to walk.

"She'll be three in a few months," the guard told them as he pressed the panel for the turbolift. "And your son?"

"Alex is four months old," she replied.

"Maybe we can introduce them sometime," Willie said as the turbolift stopped on Deck Ten and the guard stepped out.


Dani followed behind the two men and looked down the corridor. She didn't want to express the sense of dread she felt, but the petite woman was anxious to get to her baby... to see he was okay with her own two eyes. "I'm sorry, but I need to see my baby," she said with huge tears in her eyes, showing them both the anguish she felt before taking off as fast as she could in the direction of the daycare.

"Wait!" the huge guard said before he took after after her, surprisingly fast on his feet while William struggled to keep up with him.

"Dani! You're going to get us both tossed in the brig!" he called.

She slowed down, but only enough that they could catch her. "If someone is impersonating you, that puts Alex at risk. I have to know he's okay."

Once he caught up with her and the guard, Willie looked at her. "I'm sure that you would have been notified if an impostor came to get Alex out, even if they looked like me, and if they're on the Victorious, then they couldn't have been here."

"You don't know that," Dani said, though she slowed to a walk again. As a first time mother, there were a lot of things that caused her a ton of anxiety. "I just want to get to him as fast as I can."

Willie took her hand as they entered the daycare. "William Fontaine and Daniella Blake to pick up Alexander Blake-Fontaine," he said politely.

The Security guard stood aside to speak to another worker about his own daughter, but kept an eye on the other two.

It wasn't long before Dani saw her son in the arms of one of the caregivers. She didn't snatch the child from her, but she also didn't hesitate taking him into her arms and cuddling him to her chest. All her worries seemed to melt away as she cuddled the little guy. "Thank you," she said to the woman that was just holding him.

Without hesitation, the small woman went to the area where the kids stored their belongings to grab her son's bag, then returned to William. "We're ready."

Meanwhile, the Security man was smiling and kneeling before a tiny little blonde girl and gave her a gentle hug and kiss on the forehead. "Daddy will be home soon, sweetheart. I promise." She returned the hug as much as she could and nodded. "Okay, Daddy," she told him. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Maria," he said before he came to his feet and went to Dani, Willie and their son. "Then let's go."

"Do you find it hard to be away from her?" she asked.

"Every day," the Security guy responded as he gave one last look before his daughter ran back to play. "My worst fear is not being able to come to get her."

Dani could sympathize with him. Even though she wasn't Security, there was no part of being Starfleet that didn't have its share of danger. "That just means you'll have to be extra careful."

"On this ship, that doesn't mean much, but I do my best every day. Are you two ready to head back to your quarters?"

Willie nodded. "I am and thank you again."

"Me, too," she said.

The guard smiled and escorted them to their quarters. "If you need anything, just open the door and let me know. I'll be stationed here until next shift."

"Can we order from The Black Hole?" Willie asked.

"Only if you get enough for all of us," the guy joked.

"Of course, we'll order for you, too," Dani said to the guard. She couldn't in good conscience enjoy her lunch knowing he was standing out in the corridor. And, it was in her nature to take care of those around her. "What would you like? Anything you want."

"Anything vegetarian is good, but I was joking," the Security man said. "By the way, I'm Lieutenant JG Dukakis and apologize for the delay in telling you that."

"It's no problem," Willie said as he entered the code for his and Dani's quarters in the panel to open it.

"I'm Dani, this is William, and you've met baby Alex. As for lunch, it definitely isn't a problem. Thank you again," she said, offering him a smile before heading inside.

Once inside, William turned to her. "Now what, Dani?" he asked. "We're trapped here and someone impersonating me is out there doing who knows what. This could cost me my career."

Dani set the baby's bag down and settled down to feed feed him. "You don't know that. You have to think positive and know that they're going to find him. We're here so there won't be any confusion," she said. "We aren't trapped, and we're not prisoners."

"I just don't know," he said as he moved to sit beside of her. "It's scary thinking what someone could do posing as a Medical officer. Having access to all the patient charts, medications and more."

"They'll find him. Especially since the Commodore has been made aware of the situation," she stated, laying her head on his shoulder. Dani didn't like seeing him so worried, but she had faith. "Besides, who's to say they aren't impersonating others, too? I just hope Command takes that into consideration."

"I just hope who or whatever is isn't impersonating Command," Willie said with a shudder. "If they are...we just told them we're onto them."

"Don't start freaking out until there's an absolute reason to."

"The more I think about it, the more worried I am, Dani. Why would someone pick me to impersonate?" He asked.

Dani wished she had some kind of magic words she could say to make everything okay, but there weren't any. "Honey... trust in your crew mates. They'll get to the bottom of this."

"Anyway, this is depressing and I want to drown myself in a hot fudge sundae and your love," Willie said.

"Why don't you order us some food?" she asked.

"I can't, remember?" he asked. "I don't have any computer access."

"I forgot. What do you want?" Dani asked as she rose to her feet with Alex and moved toward the terminal to sit down once again.

A bacon, triple, cheeseburger with extra cheese, extra bacon, no mustard, and a side of chili cheese fries with bacon bits, and a triple scoop hot fudge sundae," Willie said.

Dani blinked. "Are you pregnant?"

"No, I'm stressed and I eat like a pig when I'm stressed," he told her.

She nodded her head and put his order in, then added her own and tossed in something vegetarian. "Half an hour."

"I should have ordered more, but I have you in the meantime," Willie said before he went to give her a kiss.

Dani returned the kiss. "It's all going to be okay."


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