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Heart of Fire Part II

Posted on Thu Feb 21, 2019 @ 1:18am by Commodore Michael Aravan & Lieutenant Commander Arrda & Lieutenant Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Commander Kelani Tetanal & Lieutenant Commander Alex Rho & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter & Ensign Kenneth Henderson

Mission: On Slippery Ground
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 1 || 1230 Hours


Kelani’s lips tightened as she heard the report from Victorious. She turned to her station and began to work at her station, checking as many systems systems as she could. She frowned. “Commodore, there is an oddity in the programs that I am able to access.....they are becoming sluggish....”

"Head to Science and see what you can do, Lieutenant," Michael ordered as a junior Science officer came to take her place.

“Aye, sir,” Kelani replied, rising. After surrendering her station to the junior science officer, she hurried out.


With several of his senior officers off the bridge and junior officers replacing them, and the Triumphant and Victorious sitting dead in space, Michael rose from his chair.

"I want options, people," he said.

"Commodore...with you permission I'd like to leave my post and work on repairing the variance in the phasers" Martha requested.

"Granted," Michael said. "Lieutenant Amira, please join Lieutenant Cusack." Junior officers stepped up and waited to relieve their department chiefs.

Martha stood aside and allowed Ensign Gray to take her position at the Tactical station before walking over to the turbolift and waiting for Amira to join her.

"Yes sir," the Edo said, she logged out of her console and once relieved she moved to the lift.

"Before the Apollo gets out of transporter range," began Alex, "we could send some armed away teams over there. Or maybe Lieutenant Mallory has some specialized strike teams, considering our current situation, that could go. It would give us a presence on the ship and allow for some information gathering."

"Lieutenant Mallory, prepare a strike team with Major Petrova and take one of the runabouts after the Apollo with a fighter escort if they're out of transporter range," Michael said after considering what the Chief of Intelligence suggested.

Arrda opened his mouth to respond, but felt the PADD in his pocket vibrate. Frowning, he pulled it out and looked at the alert. Putting it away, he looked back to Commodore Aravan. "Acknowledged, sir." he said simply, dispatching someone to check the shield systems before handing his board off to his replacement. His order to that person had specified the board and isolinear chip assembly to check as well. He then stepped toward the Lift, already calling together a team to meet them in the runabout bay.

[===Flight Deck===]

Kenneth was walking over to his fighter. He had noticed that his call sign on the Valkyrie class fighter. He was happy to see that his team had finally put on his fighter. What a great name he thought to himself to be called the Gryphon.

Kenneth walked into over and placed his hands on the hull, gently allowing his hand to stroke the hull of the ship. Thinking to himself, what a beauty you are. He started to ascend the portable stairwell that allowed him access to his cockpit. With his flight gear already on, he got situated in the cockpit. He began to fire up the systems one by one.

Logan came jogging into the bay, pulling on the gloves to his flight suit. He spotted Kenneth by his fighter. "Henderson, mount up. We're launching with the alert fighters on a hot mission in two." He spotted his TSO chatting with another one by the door to the Ready Room. "Winston you're with me. Parker, you join Henderson in his bird."

Both TSOs grabbed their gear and ran to join the pilots at their respective Valkyries.

Kenneth hopped in his bird, and started preflight, he felt Parker, slip into the cockpit. "Gryphon Prepping for immediate take off. Starting preflight, taxing behind Zorro." Called out Kenneth in a clear and precise tone to his voice.

Logan and Devon completed their preflight checks in record time as the plane Captain's guided the pair of Valkyries to the catapult launching systems.

Michael tapped his combadge. "Logan, get two fighters in the air to escort the Tantamount runabout when it leaves."

Logan keyed the communications switch to the bridge channel. "Ensign Henderson and I are already set on cats (catapults) three and four. Launch prep is complete and we are a go on your command."

"You are go for launch," the Commodore said and tapped the console on his chair to give the notice to Fighter Control to clear the fighters.

"Fighter Control to Lieutenant Hunter, you are go for launch."

Logan received the launch order. He looked down to the catapult NCO and gave the time honored thumbs up and salute. A moment later he hurtled down the launch tube into open space.

The cockpit door, auto locked in place, as he he watched Logan take off. The sudden acceleration from his fighter was intense, but expected. Kenneth looked over to the catapult NCO and gave the thumbs up as well, and proper salute.

As soon as he did he held onto the controls, and raced down the runaway shoot on the USS Triumphant. The acceleration was amazing, and within a matter of seconds they were in deep space, luckily for Kenneth he had a lock on the lead pilot. "Gryphon is on your six." Kenneth called out, as he switched frequencies, so they could talk more freely.

"Roger that Gryphon. Zorro has the lead for now." Logan checked his heads up display as he input the last known trajectory of the Apollo. Once the Tantamount was airborne they could lay in a pursuit course.

[===Science Lab===]

Kelani scowled at the monitor in front of her. So far she had not been able to isolate the cause of the sluggish response of the Science computers and she was becoming increasingly frustrated.

"Computer, perform a level three diagnostic on all Science computers," she ordered.

As she waited for results, she thought grimly, ~I may have to go through the code myself...line by line.....~

The results for the diagnostic showed nothing discernible. Kelani sighed in frustration, deciding to turn her attention to the sensors, while keeping the problem of the sluggish science computers to continue working on later.


When the Commodore finished his order to his CAG, his combadge chirped again and Lieutenant Junior Grade Hartley made a report that holographic consoles were going offline in Intel. "Mr. Rho, your Assistant Chief is reporting the holographics shutting down in Intelligence."

Alex jerked his head up at the report of a security breach in Intelligence. "Well damn." He tried bringing up some information on his current console but wasn't able to get much of anything. He began to fume as his department was being cut off from him on the ship. "Rho to Intelligence, what in the holy hell is going on down there?! Of all the freaking places on this ship to be compromised... You better have severed the connection with Starfleet Intelligence!"

His Yeoman, Priscila responded a moment later. =^=The link is severed, Lieutenant,=^= she responded. =^=Lieutenant Harley and Ensign Riordan left to see what was keeping Ensign Mirkat a minute ago. Holographics have deactivated over the entire department. F.R.E.D. is also down.=^=

Alex sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Understood, Priscila. Thank you. And please ensure that I'm kept apprised of what's happening down there by fifteen minute updates. Should the deck be blown open to the vacuum of space and half the staff sucked out, I do not want to read about it in an after-action report. Rho out."

"A message just came from the Victorious, Commodore," the Ops replacement officer said. "They have their phasers back and getting their system reset."

"Noted," Michael said. "Helm, set a course to match the Victorious and take us in slow," he ordered.

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Aravan had been quietly speaking with someone over his com when he finally looked up. "Operations, reboot the sensor, shield and weapons systems," he ordered.

"We will be blind and unable to defend ourselves during this period, sir," the Junior Operations Officer responded. "It will take at least thirty seconds for the reboot to complete."

"Make it so," Michael ordered, knowing it would take longer.

The Ops officer nodded and began to work in earnest at her console.

The doors to the turbolift opened, and Mark Thompson stepped out. He made his way to where the commodore sat and came to attention. "Thompson reporting as ordered, Sir." he stated crisply. He didn't feel as crisp as he sounded, but that was the life he had chosen. He didn't regret it, but some days it wore on a person. And... Chameloids?

"Report, Mr. Thompson," Michael said as he glanced at the display on the arm of his chair again.

Mark took a breath and launched into the report. He left no detail out and recounted every step of the process. When he reached the end, he finished with, "I had the Chameloid transported to the Brig with a Level 10 forcefield, called Medical and then reported to you." He watched the commodore's expression through all of it, trying to determine his reaction to the report or the actions taken by Mark and his team. The man gave nothing away, though, so Mark merely stood at attention, waiting.

"Excellent work," Michael responded as he gave the man his full attention, his face like a mask. "Locate Lieutenant Devereaux if the Chameloid was impersonating him. He may be injured somewhere on the ship and if it had his combadge, you'll have to do a manual search."

Mark felt his insides twist. He should have thought of that. "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." If it had Devereaux's comm badge, then they'd need to take it from the thing, preferably before it woke. Maybe it got lost in the scuffle, though. Could he be so fortunate? Or maybe it didn't take it, only mimicked it? Too many questions, and not enough answers. "I'll get right on that."

"Dismissed," the Commodore said but wondered why the Security man hadn't thought of finding the real Devereaux before he reported. He made a note to speak to the Security Chief when he saw him again about extra training for his personnel.

Mark nodded and left the bridge. He wanted to bang his head on a bulkhead until he fell unconscious, but that wouldn't help anything. Sighing, he asked, "Computer, locate Mr. Devereaux's comm badge." He's right. I should have done that before I reported. Dumbass! he chastised himself mentally.

Kelani emerged from the turbo lift and resumed her station. She was disappointed that she had not been able to find the source of the sluggishness in the Science computers, but pleased to have found a way to make the sensors useful in the Badlands.

“Lt. Tetanal returning to duty, sir,” she said crisply.

"Take your station, Lieutenant," Michael said as he waited for the computer to reinitialize all the systems before he tapped his combadge. =^=Mother Goose to Valkyrie One. What's your status?=^=

=^=Mother Goose, Valkyrie One and Two are on track to intercept the Apollo. Request weapons free to slow target for the strike team to board.=^= Logan wasn't keen on firing on another Federation starship, but they needed to slow or stop the Apollo for the joint marine/security forces to board and gain control of the rogue starship.

=^=You are clear for weapons free=^= Michael confirmed to Logan.

"Aye, sir," Kelani replied, moving to her station and relieving the junior science officer who had been there while she was in the lab. Hearing the exchange between the Commodore and Logan, she drew in a deep breath, thinking, ~Guard yourself well, Imzadi.~

"Status report of shields and phasers," the Commodore called.

The young woman currently manning the Security console looked up. "Security patrols resuming last ordered status, Sir." she said slightly nervously.

The Tactical officer checked her console. "Still offline, Commodore," she said.

"Engineering, what's your status?"

"Ninety-five percent complete, Commodore," came the response. "The warp core is nearly reinitialized and we have impulse engines."

"Science, scan for signs of the Tantamount, Victorious and Apollo."

"Aye, sir," Kelani replied, beginning the scan. In spite of her algorithm, the readings were scattered. After several moments of adjustments, she reported, " The Tantamount and the fighters are closing on the Apollo, sir." She made another adjustment, then continued, "There are two other unidentified ships as well. The Victorious is not moving."

"Helm, go to full impulse," Michael said. "Tactical, get me those weapons now!"

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The Tactical officer gave a small exclamation before she looked back over her shoulder. "Phasers and torpedoes are online, Commodore," she said. "Manual targeting only for the moment."

"Very well," the Commodore said as the Triumphant headed forward once more. "I'll take what I can get."

"Lieutenant Tetanal, do a full scan and locate the Tantamount," Michael said.

"Aye, sir," Kelani replied crisply, her fingers flying over her board. After a few moments, she spoke again, "I have located the Tantamount, sir." She frowned, continuing, "The Apollo is also identifiable, but there are also two unidentified fighters closing as well."

"Triumphant, Victorious. We are back in action and chasing the Apollo."

"Confirmed, Victorious" the Commodore's responded. "We are en route at full impulse."

"Weapons and shield status?" Michael called out.

Kelani looked around as Michael request shield and weapon status, concerned at the lack of response. She saw a young officer looking at the Ops station and jerked her head in that direction.

The young woman moved to Ops and checked the board. “Shields and weapons appear nominal, sir”. She reported.

Kelani nodded approval at the young woman’s initiative, then reported, “There appears to be a slight lessening of the plasma storm for the moment, Commodore. Sensor readings are somewhat more stable, but I do not know for how long.”



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