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The Nanjing

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Orders come in from the Admiralty to investigate sightings of a Borg Cube. What they find turns out to be completely different than what they expected and it becomes a fight for survival.

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An Orion to Die For

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A beautiful Orion Syndicate operative is sent to bring the Triumphant to the Syndicate so they can be more powerful than ever. Will the crew of the Triumphant find out in time?

Strange Matter

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The crew of the Triumphant is in for some strange days when they encounter some stranger matter.


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An ancient probe from Earth is found and dated to the 21st century.

Shore Leave

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Shore Leave

Falling Star

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The Romulan Republic makes a desperate attack on the independent colony worlds and it's up to the Triumphant to save the day, but there's a cost for everything.

On Slippery Ground

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The USS Triumphant has been ordered by Starfleet H.Q. to escort a freighter carrying sensitive materials (bioneural gel packs, etc.) to a hidden shipyard on the outskirts of the Badlands where they're working on a classified ship prototype. What starts out as a simple delivery turns into a mission filled with betrayal, treachery and officer against officer.

An Oceanic Shoreleave

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The crew of the ship goes to Pacifica for shore leave

Refits and Reviews

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The Triumphant is back at Deep Space 10 for refits and the crew evaluations are about to begin