2nd Lieutenant Gage Aravan

Name Gage Nicolas Aravan

Position First Sergeant

Second Position First Sargeant

Rank 2nd Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 225 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Gage cuts an imposing figure in and out of uniform, the benefit of having spent seven years in Starfleet Marines. His blue eyes seem to have a way of looking through someone, and a thoughtful expression is often on his face. With black hair cut to just below Marine regulation, he is the ideal Marine.


Significant Other Piper Aravan - Age 24 (Married August 11, 2389)
Children Liam Nicolas Aravan - 4 months
Father Xavier Steven Aravan age 54
Mother Denise Catherine Aravan age 53
Brother(s) Michael Aravan - Age 30
Sister(s) Tina Whitney Aravan-Reyes age 27
Other Family Sean William Aravan age 33 - Cousin
Aaron Silvario Reyes - Brother-in-law married to Tina
Sister-in-law - Spencer Scott-Aravan married to Michael
Father-in-law - Justin Alexander Scott
Mother-in-law - Grace Michelle Scott
Brother-in-laws - Kyle Franklin Scott, Heath Travis Scott
Sister-in-laws - Spencer Scott-Aravan, Kamden Lisette Scott, and Jenna Danielle Scott
Niece: Ava Aravan
Nephew: Michael Aravan Jr.
Son: Liam

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gage is an easy going guy, just like his brother, but the thing that separates them is the fact that Gage always prefers to be on the front lines. Wherever there's action, one can be sure to find Gage. This desire has gotten him in the brig or civilian police stations several times, but no charges have ever been made official against him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Knows his limits
+ Appraising a situation
+ Able to follow orders

- Loves a fight
- Sometimes unable to shut his mouth, except when given a direct command by a superior.
Ambitions To one day lead the Starfleet Marines. Semper Fi!
Hobbies & Interests * Reading historical battles and reenacting them in the holodeck
* Spending time on the shooting range
* Trying food from other civilizations at least one
* Cooking (basic)
* Running
* Rock climbing
* Sparring
* Base Jumping

Personal History Born 05/05/2365 to Xavier and Denise Aravan, the younger brother of Michael Aravan, Gage often felt that he was in his older brother's shadow. When he was twelve years old, he watched his brother enter Starfleet and followed his career closely, just waiting for the time when he was able to follow in his footsteps. When he was seventeen, instead of going into the Academy like Michael had, Gage chose to enter Starfleet Marines. The one thing that he and his brother had in common was love of the Scott sisters, Spencer and Piper.

Having been introduced to Piper via Spencer, the two of them had spent long hours discussing what they wanted to do and how they wanted things to progress. Deciding to take it slow, the two of them went from friends to dating during the long process that both of them had agreed on.

Knowing that he was love with Piper, Gage still waited nearly seven more years after entering the Marines to ask Piper to marry him. Now, he finds himself serving on the same ship as her with the sole difference being that she chose to remain a civilian while he wore the uniform of a Starfleet Marine.
Service Record 2382 - Marched into a Starfleet Marine Recruiting Station and signed up at seventeen years old with his parents consent. Sent to Parris Island for training.
2382 - 2384 Left Parris Island, deployed with the USS Michelangelo. Promoted from Private to Private First Class.
2384 - 2386 USS Dealeri. Promoted from Private First Class to Corporal and again from Corporal to Sergeant for acts of heroism and bravery.
2386-2388 USS Nimitz. Promoted from Sergeant to Gunnery Sergeant.
2388-2390 USS Glamroden. Promoted from Gunner Sergeant to Master Sergeant.
2390 - Present USS Triumphant