Lieutenant Commander Arrda

Name Arrda

Position Chief Security

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Marai
Age 1,034
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7"
Weight 245 lbs.
Hair Color Black, to his hips, braided
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Tall and muscular, he bears a striking resemblance to Native American males. On duty, his hair is kept in a tight braid which he wraps in leather. His uniform is crisp and neat. Off duty, he wears his hair free except for pulling it off his face. His attire is comfortable and relaxed. He carries himself with an air of confidence and authority.


Significant Other Danielle Mercursi-Mallory
Children Aidan, Leanna, and thirteen others from his first wife.
None with Danielle, yet.
Father Rhaeia
Mother Teleth Norr
Brother(s) Aadrra (1,024)
Naratha (994)
Sister(s) Jaeden (1,009)
Other Family Grandparents:
Father's: Dena
Mother's: Maelya

Personality & Traits

General Overview Douglas Mallory has a very relaxed air he wears about him when off duty. He is fun-loving and quiet in some ways. However, he also displays a serious twisted streak which seems to show itself best when in the company of his close friends. Though his crew is likely to get a taste of it. No one is immune.
On duty, Douglas is calm and collected. Every action is considered and deliberate. He carries himself with a dignity and nobility that may make others less sure of themselves nervous. He is not, by any means, arrogant or self-righteous. And though this manner seems aloof at times, he is far from that. He cares very deeply about each one of his crew and their lives and concerns. He listens carefully to their feelings and tries to set them at ease in any given situation.
His personal history seems to be somewhat of a mystery to him any further back than his 650 years of Enforcer life. However, he does not seem nearly as disturbed by that as other people get. “Answers come in their time.” He told me. “One needs only be patient, and the Universe will speak.”
This, coupled with all of the other above stated lead me to the conclusion that Douglas Mallory is a fine officer and a noble individual. He will make an excellent Captain should the ‘Fleet see fit to give him command. He has my vote of confidence. I would serve him.

Signed: Kelvenn Trevaen
Assigned: StarFleet Headquarters
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Noble
+ Driven
+ Intelligent
+ Just
+ Protective of innocents

- Can be too driven
- Strong-willed
Ambitions He is not ambitious in the negative sense, but he would like to one day command his own ship.
Hobbies & Interests Various forms of art (painting, sketching, architecture, cooking, performing arts)

Personal History 1358 - Born
1362-1376 - Primary Schooling (Earth Equivalent Pre-School through High School)
1376-1476 - Various Schools for the Arts
1476-1491 - Designed and oversaw the construction of the Capital Quad on Marai
1491-1555 - Engaged in many forms of Performing Arts
1555-1629 - Shifted his focus into Painting and participated in several Gallery Showings
1629-1758 - Returned to Architecture
1708 - Beginning of the Great War with the Genessa
1758 - Drafted into the Enforcer Guild
1758-1763 - Reprogrammed and Fitness Trained for Enforcer Guild
1763-1809 - Served in Enforcer Guild for War Effort
1809 - War ends with the Treaty of Corridan
1809-2008 - Various Enforcer Missions *All Details Classified*
2009-2013 - Earth Mission
2013 - Earth Mission ends with Betrayal
2013 - Left Earth in a damaged ship. Encountered Kestra Seeker Second Dekotah Krystahnii
2017 - Married Dekotah Krystahnii
2018 - Aidan Mallory, the first of 15 children between them, is born
2018-2373 - Various Enforcer Missions between which are born and raised 14 other children
Service Record 2373-2377 - StarFleet Academy under sponsorship by Admiral Richard Brannigan
2377-2382 - Ensign, USS SilverStorm
2382-2388 - Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS QuickSilver
2388-2392 - Lieutenant, USS Altair-C
2392 - Transferred to USS Triumphant as Chief Security Officer