Lieutenant Commander Kelani Tetanal

Name Kelani Tetanal

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cairn/Betazoid
Age 34
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft, 6 in
Weight 125
Hair Color Red-tinged brown
Eye Color Cinnamon brown
Physical Description Kelani is of medium height and very slender build. She appears almost too fragile to have gone through training at the Academy


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) Rikel
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing but reserved. Kelani enjoys being with others, but she tends to listen more than she talks, her philosophy being that it is unwise to try to talk to a group of beings until one is sure of the subject of the discussion.

Kelani also enjoys the occasional harmless practical joke--and she will laugh along with the rest if/when she is "zinged"

Kelani, like all of her people, demonstrates a fierce loyalty to those who have gained her trust--woe to the being who harms her friends!
Strengths & Weaknesses Kelani's major Talent is called Dreamwalking. With intense concentration, she can share dream experiences with another. This is primarily used with people who have experienced emotional trauma; however mated pairs have been known to use Dreamwalking to enhance their intimate times.
Ambitions To serve well and to be of help to her ship mates when needed
Hobbies & Interests Music, meditation, fencing.

Personal History Kelani Tetanal is a Cairn/Betazoid hybrid, a rarity, and as such, she is the object of much curiosity. She handles the scrutiny well, and is quite willing to tell others about her home.

Kelani is the oldest child, a position she takes quite seriously, being very protective of her siblings. Kelani extended this protectiveness to the young ones who were not of her family. This endeared her to her people, so much so that when her parents were killed in a tragic accident, every family in her clan opened their homes to her.

Needing the security and structure of the family group, Kelani accepted the overtures of a family that had been particularly close to her parents. To honor their kindness, she took their surname, asking only that her two brothers be allowed to keep their family name, hopefully to insure the survival of her family line. Her new family readily agreed to this request and Kelani and her brothers settled in well with their new family.

Kelani had been melancholy and withdrawn since the deaths of her parents. After much deliberation, she spoke to her adoptive parents, expressing her desire to join Starfleet?to be of use to their allies, and to learn from them. Though saddened by her request, they gave their permission and their blessing, already anticipating her eventual return to them.

During her time in training, Kelani was approached by members of the Maquis. Unsettled by this, she spoke confidentially with her commander, who in turn consulted with the higher ranking personnel at the Academy. They requested that she go undercover?join the Maquis and learn about their organization and report back at the most feasible opportunity. Though unsettled by this, Kelani agreed.

Her time with the Maquis proved to be most enlightening. She learned of the Maquis?s struggle to protect/avenge the families of their members and their dissatisfaction with Starfleet. She also learned many unorthodox battle techniques.

Eventually she returned to Starfleet, but her report was less than satisfactory to her superiors, as she had been able to uncover none of their strategy or their plans. She was commended for her actions and posted to the Triumphant.

At times she wonders about her Maquis shipmates, hoping they are safe and well. She learned much from them and wonders if she did the right thing by following her orders.

Kelani is reluctant to form close relationships?the pain of the loss she felt after her parent?s death is still very real. Through persistence, however, she can be won over, after which she proves to be a warm, caring, and protective friend.
Service Record 2365-2369. Starfleet Academy

2369-2372. Undercover on Maquis snip

2372-2376. USS Javelin (Ensign) {Laboratory Technologist}

2377-2384. USS Wounded Knee (Lieutenant JG) {Second assistant Science Officer}

2385-2388. USS Triumphant (Lieutenant JG). (Assistant Science Officer)

2388-2392- Starfleet Academy for additional training

2392-Present: USS Triumphant (Lieutenant) (Chief Science Officer)

Also served as Assistant Chief of Science before returning to Starflett Academy for more training.