Lieutenant Commander Alex Rho

Name Alex Rho

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ullian
Age 30
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 0”
Weight 194
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ullians are a humanoid species. They have grey mottling at their temples which, along with pronounced hairless bulges, is indicative of their race.  Alex, however, has had extensive cosmetic surgery to reshape his facial structure in order to cover up the bulges and hide the grey mottling…all permanent.  He is professional while on duty and comfortable while off.  He is muscled and well toned, but not a body-builder.  His brown hair is slightly longer than normal on top and his facial hair shows evidence of premature graying.


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Zander Rho (dead)
Mother Riana Rho
Brother(s) Kendal Rho & Milan Rho (dead)
Sister(s) Tesha Rho
Other Family Various aunts and uncles back on Ullian home-world.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ullians are known throughout the galaxy for their gentle, honest, and friendly demeanor.  Alex Rho holds to those particular characteristics now, but didn't for period in his life.  As far as the Ullian philosophy against memory invasion, he holds to that as well.  However, if the job or situation or orders require it, he is not beyond utilizing his natural-born abilities to gather intel or protect those he serves with.  He has a very protective mentality which is based on a traumatic childhood event.  He is also slightly paranoid. He is a bit of a socialite, but doesn’t make friends easily.  Or rather, most people don’t want to befriend an Intel officer.

Starfleet Intelligence Ops Training instructor, comment in personnel file:  "He seems to meditate for a moment, storing as much of the information in his prodigious memory as possible."
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths – Ullians are capable of telepathically reading most humanoid species, although other telepathic species such as the Betazoids have difficulty in reading Ullian minds. As with some Ullians, he possesses the power to enhance and recover lost memories.  He is also talented when it comes to weapons and arms; not just their use, but the engineering behind them as well. 
Weaknesses – He is always looking over his shoulder and believes everyone has a hidden agenda, regardless of how squeaky clean they seem. Alex has a bit of paranoia.  He is also impatient with ineffectiveness and inefficiency. 
Hobbies & Interests Seemingly contrary to his personality, he enjoys singing. That heralds back to a time before the murder of his father and brothers.  When he sings, he seems to sink back through time and space to a point in his life when things were joyful and peaceful. It helps him deal with what he saw.  Alex doesn't partake of the holodecks as much as some of the others. He prefers the solitude of his quarters or the swimming pool.  Although, engaging in a good battle sim is always fun. He has to rely more on physical prowess rather than telepathic abilities. Holograms are tough like that.  He speaks Ullian, Betazoid, Federation Standard, Ferengi, along with Orion and Orion Trader’s Tongue.

Personal History Zander was the lead archivist for his sector. His job was mostly supervisory, but that allowed him to choose which particular assignments he wanted to sit in on. His sons were following in his footsteps. Alex, the youngest of all his siblings (2362), hadn't yet decided what he would do.  His older sister, Tesha, had already started with the ladies in their area to catalogue the memories of those older Ullians who were on their deathbed.

Alex Rho was born to one of those archivist families who sought to use their abilities to keep histories. Growing up the youngest of four children had its advantages. He was the baby, the one that did no wrong. Or so his parents thought. Alex was a mischievous little boy who got into everything! He eventually grew out of that as most children do. His father, Zander, led the research team for his sector. He could choose any assignment he wanted and usually took those that would keep him close to home. He is a family man and his was a very close, tight-knit family growing up…until that dreadful evening, just two days before Alex's fourteenth birthday.

Some members of Ullian society still practiced telepathic memory invasion. Most of those were usually the criminals. On the night in question, the Rho family was walking home from their evening meal out when a four men attacked them telepathically. The men demanded all the valuables.  Zander and his two oldest sons held them off long enough for his wife to grab the two younger ones and run.  Rianna found a hiding place nearby and was able to save Tesha and Alex.  They were well hidden, but could still see the fight.  They watched as Zander, Kendal, and Milan were physically and mentally beaten. After toying with them for some time as a cat does a mouse, they killed them and left. They never found Riana, Tesha, nor Alex. Once the attackers were captured, the reason they gave was to get money and valuables and to watch their weak counterparts suffer.

For months afterwards, Alex wept. No matter how hard he tried, he could not block the memories of that horrific night. He just couldn't understand how his father and brothers allowed those men to beat-up on them. They were powerful telepaths. They could've defended themselves easily. He then realized that there must be more he could do with his natural abilities than archive. He lost part of his family because they refused to use their telepathic powers for anything besides archiving. He started studying his abilities, experimenting on what he could do, and eventually learned a lot more about himself.

Over the next two years, Alex began to grow distant. He didn't spend much time around Rianna and Tesha anymore, and they noticed. The archivist ways and philosophy had taken his father and brothers. At least that's how he saw it. Finally, Riana and Tesha approached him. Alex was surprised. He thought that if anyone understood him, it would be his mom and sister. After all, they had seen the same things he had. It was here, when Alex began to question motivations. Everyone had a hidden agenda, a secret they didn't want known. 

Angry and frustrated, he feigned a month-long retreat to one of the moons as a cover for his extreme cosmetic surgery. Alex had the grey mottling removed and his facial structure reshaped to hide the bulges of his skull. They weren't removed, only hidden. After being ostracized by his own people for neglecting his heritage and "the archivist ways," he left his home-world.  Earth and Starfleet was his heading. 

Alex joined the Academy and majored in Intelligence. For his government/species study, he chose both the Ferengi and the Orions. For his minor, he selected Communications. Cadet Alex Rho took all of the core classes that was required of him as well as his Intel classes. It was during his Freshman year at the Academy that his Hostile Species professor talked with him about seeing a counselor to help deal with his anger and other issues that resulted from seeing his father and brothers tortured. It took regular visits during all four years, but the counselor was able to help Alex overcome most of it. There were still the issues of paranoia, questioning everyone's motives, and believing that everyone had a hidden agenda. The counselor realized that those personality quirks are what would make him an excellent Intelligence operative. He completed Starfleet Academy in 2384 and was promoted to Ensign upon graduation.

After graduating the Academy, Ensign Rho, went on to receive further extensive training by Starfleet Intelligence. The initial exam and interview, not to mention his telepathic abilities, put him as a Psionics Specialist. Ensign Rho was then sent to Tellar for Intel Ops training. He was informed that Intel training for new recruits would only last one year as opposed to SFA's four years. However, they were expected to return when their work allowed. This made no difference to Alex. The first part of his year consisted of a basic curriculum; covert communications, interception of enemy agent's communications, message encryption and decryption, employing counterintelligence techniques, intelligence gathering, and recruiting. During that first part of the year, an unusual event occurred; Alex made friends with a couple of the Andorian students. The remainder of the year focused on Alex' specialty, Psionics. Life at Intel Ops School was rigorous to say the least. Discipline was even stricter than it was at SFA and students were rarely allowed off campus for entertainment. Alex graduated from Intel Ops training and remained an Ensign.

Starfleet Intelligence backstops for operative Alex Rho:
Dvorak Skala
Backstopped Identity
Service Record 2380-2384 – Starfleet Academy
2384-2385 – Starfleet Intelligence Operations training
2385-2387 – USS Bretonia, Psionics Officer
2387-2388 – USS Kusari, Intelligence Officer
2388-2392 – Starbase 656, SFI Department of Internal Affairs
2392-Present – USS Triumphant, Chief Intelligence Officer