Lieutenant Martha Cusack

Name Martha Florence Cusack

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 127 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing at 5'7" tall Martha is the shortest member of her immediate family - with her mother being 5'9" and her father being well over six feet tall - although Martha has never let being shorter than her younger sister bother her. She possesses her father's brown eyes and her mother's blonde hair

Martha's platinum blonde hair is just below her shoulders, messy and wavy. Martha very rarely styles her hair although if the need arises she will tie it into a ponytail. On special occasions such as parties and formal events she styles her hair to suit the occasion however Martha much prefers to leave her hair in its natural style

She has a fairly pale complexion with no freckles. Martha never wears any make-up - much preferring to have a more natural appearance instead. Martha feels fairly confident in her appearance and she believes that applying make-up is a waste of time and effort

Martha has a slender figure and is very physically fit and strong which allows her to excel in hand to hand combat. Martha likes to keep fit and healthy by exercising regularly. Whilst on duty Martha is very well presented in her full uniform at all times. Whenever she is off duty Martha wears a t-shirt and jumper along with a pair of jeans or shorts - depending what mood she is in


Significant Other Cadet Senior Grade Miana Tobin (2380-2383)
Lieutenant JG Lucia Cusack (m. 2388)
Children Elsie Cusack (née Andrews, adopted daughter; b. 2376)
Father Charles Battrick (estranged)
Mother Amelia Battrick (estranged)
Sister(s) Lily Battrick (younger; estranged)
Other Family Florence Cusack (maternal grandmother; 2297-2388)
Julia Ainscow (goddaughter; b. 2389)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Martha is a very organised and intelligent person who likes to be focused on the task at hand and to do things properly instead of leaving tasks unfinished. Martha is a caring person and she likes to make sure that all of her friends and crew mates are happy. She is generally quite a reserved person and she much prefers to socialise in smaller groups - but nevertheless Martha likes to let her crew mates know she will always be there to talk to if they need advice or somebody to listen to their problems. Despite being there for other people Martha is a very difficult person to win trust from

Martha enjoys her career very much and wants to be the best Starfleet officer she can possibly be. In recent times she has become a lot more keen to make friends although this has proven to be difficult due to her inability to trust people as easily as she used to. Whenever she deems it appropriate Martha will greet people with a handshake - and occasionally a smile depending on what mood she is in - and also depending on who the person is. Martha is incredibly loyal and will make sure her orders are followed and carried out to the absolute best of her abilities

In 2388 Martha was diagnosed as having Asperger syndrome although she prefers to keep this diagnosis known to people who need to know rather than those she wants to know
Strengths & Weaknesses Martha possesses excellent organisational and team leading skills as well as the ability to think quickly to adapt to a rapidly changing situation. Thanks to her athleticism and superb fitness levels Martha excels in hand to hand combat and close quarters combat. After joining the Nogura in 2388 Martha took piloting lessons and has become a very skilled pilot

Martha previously had problems with anxiety and depression however she has now overcome these. She still however has not yet worked out the fine balance between spending enough time with her colleagues socially and her work
Ambitions Martha has three ambitions - her first is to better herself as a person and socialise more with larger groups instead of spending time alone or in smaller social groups. Her second ambition is to one day return to Earth and gain a position with Starfleet Command in the Tactical department. Martha's final ambition which she finds a little less important as the others is to find true love and start a family
Hobbies & Interests Martha enjoys reading, listening to classical music, ballroom dancing and rock climbing. Her favourite way to relax after a long day is sitting in her quarters and listening to either Wagner or Holst whilst reading one of Shakespeare's comedy plays - with her favourites being As You Like It, Measure for Measure, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night. Sometimes Martha also likes to watch performances of Shakespeare's plays on the holodeck

Martha likes to stay fit and she regularly attends the gym to keep her strength and fitness levels up as much as she can. On the rare occasion that she uses the holodeck it is usually to partake in ballroom dancing - much preferring the real thing when it comes to rock climbing. Martha enjoys long distance walking and likes to do as much walking as she can when on away missions

Since joining Starfleet Martha has learnt to play a number of card games. She has enjoyed playing such games as poker and bridge with her colleagues past and present - finding it to be an easy way to relax and make more friends

Personal History Martha was born in 2362 in Hereford, England to her parents Charles and Amelia Battrick. She is the eldest of two sisters - with Lily being born in 2367

Martha was always more interested in her schoolwork rather than socialising and had very few friends. Academically Martha was always in the top few in her class - excelling in Geography and History which were her two favourite subjects. She would always take up any extra classes to increase her grades - something which Martha did in an attempt to try and impress her parents. Once Lily was born Martha's parents made it clear that she was second best - something which Martha grew used to as time went on

In high school Martha took part in sports and excelled at long distance running - winning a number of medals in the process. She was also part of a rock climbing team - a past time she still enjoys today over ten years later. At the end of an uneventful time at high school Martha went to college - at this time she was an almost recluse unless she was at college or participating in long distance running or rock climbing

At the age of sixteen Martha decided she wanted to join Starfleet. Her parents mocked her choice and told her there was plenty to do on Earth. Continuing through college for the next two years Martha knew it was exactly what she wanted to do. At the age of eighteen after she had left college Martha left home - telling her parents she had given up trying to impress them a long time ago. She had previously applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted for an entrance exam just before she left college - Martha only told her parents that she had successfully passed her entrance exam and planned to start her Starfleet Academy training after moving to San Francisco in mid 2380

At first in the Academy Martha found it daunting although soon enjoyed the experience and focused on making sure she made the grade. Martha enjoyed meeting new people and new species - that being the highlight of her time at the Academy. After coming to terms with and accepting her sexuality Martha enjoyed her first relationship whilst at the Academy - however it came to a sad end in the final year of her training - with her Betazoid partner Miana Tobin deciding to resign from Starfleet Academy and return home to Betazed. Martha pleaded with Miana to stay but sadly she had made her mind up. The end of her very first relationship deeply affected Martha in ways that she has only recently managed to move on from. Despite the departure of her first love Martha ensured that she remained fully focused on successfully graduating from Starfleet Academy

After graduating from the Academy in 2384 Martha was posted to the USS Renown at the rank of Ensign

Martha graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2384. At the rank of Ensign she was posted to the USS Renown which was an Excelsior-class starship. In the short time that she served aboard the Renown Martha slowly began to come out of her shell and became a bit more sociable in smaller groups - although she still preferred to stay in her quarters in order to avoid large social gatherings. After just four months on the Renown Martha decided to take up the opportunity to transfer to the USS Endurance which was a Sovereign-class starship which was assigned to the Beta Quadrant

On the Endurance under the command of Captain James Grundy was where Martha truly flourished. She made a number of friends on board and joined a reading club. Martha enjoyed being so far away from home and exploring new worlds and meeting even more new people and species. It reminded her of the reasons why she signed up to Starfleet - so she could go and visit places and meet new people - things that her family could only dream of

Her interpersonal skills grew even more in the first couple of months serving on board the Endurance and she even grew to see Captain Grundy as a father figure as well as her Commanding Officer. After two years of serving as an Operations Officer - and previously turning down the offer of promotion earlier in the same year - Martha was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. A year later Martha was promoted to Assistant Operations Officer after the previous occupant of the position accepted a promotion on another starship. For the next (and final) year of her service on Endurance Martha thoroughly enjoyed serving under her department head Lieutenant Felicia Alexander - who Martha looked up to as the big sister she never had - as well as being one of Martha's best friends

For the next twelve months Martha saw a sizeable number of people come and go from the Endurance - and eventually Martha felt that she was getting too comfortable on board the starship she had called home since she transferred from the Renown very early in her career. After four years on the Endurance that Martha had enjoyed very much - and following Captain Grundy's decision to retire from Starfleet - Martha decided to put in a transfer request to become Chief Operations Officer of the Sovereign-class vessel USS Nogura. The request was accepted and she transferred to the vessel in early 2388

Shortly after her arrival on the Nogura the departure of the Chief Tactical/Security Officer saw Martha transferred to the department as its new head - a change in her career that she has enjoyed a great deal. Following the death of her beloved grandmother in 2388 Martha changed her surname from Battrick to Cusack to carry on her grandmother's name. In the same year Martha adopted her former friend Tony Andrews' daughter Elsie - upon Andrews' request - after he was forced to leave the Nogura following his defection to the Consortium

In 2388 after a short relationship Martha married the love of her life Lucia Hutchinson. After being infected with but surviving a contagion unleashed on the Nogura's crew Martha took a brief leave of absence aboard Starbase Unity with her duties temporarily covered by Lieutenant Isobel Joyce. She returned to the Nogura to attend the funeral of Captain Nilani Azulas with the intention of seeking reassignment - although Martha decided to stay on the vessel after Azulas' replacement Captain Kala Deion asked her to remain aboard the Nogura as the Chief Tactical Officer and Third Officer. At the same time Martha was promoted to full Lieutenant.

After finding out her mentor was actually still alive Martha felt she was unable to stay on the Nogura and transferred to the USS Vindex as the Chief Tactical/Security Officer under the command of friend and former colleague Captain Claudia Ainscow. Martha was joined aboard the Vindex by her wife Lucia and adopted daughter Elsie. Martha remained aboard the ship for a short time until she and her wife chose to take up a new posting on Nova Mercia with Starfleet Tactical and Starfleet Security respectfully.

Around four years later Martha accepted a new assignment as Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Triumphant.
Service Record 2380-84: Starfleet Academy
2384: Graduated at the rank of Ensign
2384-84: USS Renown NCC-2413 (Operations Officer)
2384-87: USS Endurance NCC-1606-B (Operations Officer)
2386: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387-88: USS Endurance NCC-1606-B (Assistant Operations Officer)
2388-88: USS Nogura NCC-78204 (Chief Operations Officer)
2388-88: USS Nogura NCC-78204 (Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2388: Promoted to Lieutenant
2388-88: USS Nogura NCC-78204 (Chief Tactical Officer; Third Officer)
2388-88: USS Vindex NCC-2474-A (Chief Tactical/Security Officer)
2388-92: Starfleet Tactical; Nova Mercia
2392-pres: USS Triumphant NCC-99245 (Chief Tactical Officer)