Piper Aravan

Name Piper Aravan

Position The Black Hole Owner


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 158lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Piper is considered to be on the taller side with an athletic build due to years of training, running and her love for sports. Thick dark brown hair comes to rest just below her shoulder blades, waving ever so slightly at the ends, but when working, she prefers to wear it pulled back in a neat ponytail to be out of her face. On her down time, it's worn down or in a ponytail, depending on what activity she is partaking in. She has golden brown eyes that appear to change colors depending on what she's wearing at the time. Her skin is naturally tanned despite not seeing the sun for months at a time, and there are no visible marks that the eye can see. She has been considered to be rather top heavy and curvy, but she tends to over-look that, thinking herself to be proportionate for her height and build.


Significant Other Master Sergeant Gage Aravan - 25
Children Liam Nicolas Aravan - 18 months old
Father William Alexander Scott; age 52
Mother Grace Michelle Conner-Scott; age 50
Brother(s) Heath Travis Scott; age 29
Kyle Franklin Scott; age 28
Sister(s) Spencer Alexandra Scott-Aravan; age 27
Kamden Lisette Scott; age 20
Jenna Danielle Scott; age 15
Other Family Heidi Renee Richards-Scott; age 27; Sister-in-Law
Trace Kyle Scott; age 2; Nephew
Michael Jacob Aravan; age 31; Brother-in-Law
Ava Paige Scott-Aravan; age 18 months; Niece
Xavier Steven Aravan; age 54; Father-in-Law
Denise Catherine Aravan; age 53; Mother-in-Law
Tina Whitney Aravan-Reyes; age 27; Sister-in-Law
Sean William Aravan; age 33; Cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview iper, like her sister Spencer, is a friendly individual, thus her love for working in a field where she comes into contact with all sorts of beings from different walks of life. She has a good head on her shoulders and has been known to lend an ear to others in their time of need. She's debated going to school to get a degree in Counseling. While she's actually gone back to school and gotten roughly six years of school under her belt, she hasn't quite finished the remaining time despite the encouragement of her family and friends. She spends as much time with her loved ones as much as she possibly can, and absolutely dotes on her nearly three year old niece, Ava, and nearly one year old nephew, Little Mikey, as well as her own son.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Piper is extremely organized and neat, which serves her well in the restaurant business. She is extremely laid back and likes people who go with the flow. Being a once uptight person, she learned fast that being any other way just wasn't right. She adores keeping fit, and often times works out with her husband when he has the free time.

Weaknesses: One of Piper's biggest weaknesses, much to her husband's dismay, is shopping. If there's a sale, Piper will be there. She has zero tolerance for anyone who is insensitive to others, often coming to the aid of anyone being targeted. Selfishness is also not an option, as she's the kind of person who would, and has, given the shirt off of her back to someone. She's got a severe phobia of bugs and snakes, which was one of the driving factors when it came to deciding if she was going to remain on Earth, or join her husband in space. The lack of snakes and bugs won out.
Ambitions To complete school and finish getting her degree in Counseling.
Hobbies & Interests Kickboxing, Eating, Running, Writing, Star Gazing, Playing Pool, Beer Pong, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Base Jumping, 20th and 21st Century Literature and Movies, Junk Food, Music, Playing the Guitar