Spencer Aravan

Name Spencer Alexandra Aravan

Position Civilian


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 164lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Spencer spends many hours in the gym to keep herself fit and toned, but that comes from her love affair with all things sweet. Her hair is long and straight until about two thirds of the way where the ends curl, coming to rest just at her waist unless she's on duty, then it's up in a neat bun worn at the base of her skull.

Her skin is flawless, and her blue eyes shine with mischief, though she'd never let anyone in on what she's thinking. (It's safer that way.) On the inside of her left wrist, she bares the name 'Ava' written in an Old English style writing.


Significant Other Michael Jacob Aravan
Children Ava Paige Scott-Aravan; 5 years old
Michael Jacob Aravan, Jr.; 2 1/2 years old
Father William Alexander Scott; age 52
Mother Grace Michelle Conner-Scott; age 50
Brother(s) Heath Travis Scott; age 29
Kyle Franklin Scott; age 28
Sister(s) Piper Marie Aravan; age 24
Kamden Lisette Scott; age 20
Jenna Danielle Scott; age 15
Other Family Gage Nicolas Aravan; age 25; Brother-in-Law
Heidi Renee Richards-Scott; age 27; Sister-in-Law
Trace Kyle Scott; age 2; Nephew
Xavier Steven Aravan; age 54; Father-in-Law
Denise Catherine Aravan; age 53; Mother-in-Law
Tina Whitney Aravan-Reyes; age 27; Sister-in-Law
Sean William Aravan; age 33; Cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Spencer is a very laid back individual, however, when she's on the clock, she does what's required of her. She's a very people oriented person and loves to be surrounded by others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Spencer is a very hard working individual. To her, no task is too hard for her to take on, and thus lives by the motto: "A little hard work never killed anyone.".

Weaknesses: The biggest weakness in her life is her love for junk food. She keeps a stash of chips, candy and various other sweet and salty snacks in her quarters. The only people she shares with are her husband and their daughter.
Ambitions For now, Spencer is content where she is, but there are a couple of things that she still wishes to achieve... One, she wants to do right by the crew and see to it that they're all healthy and happy while maintaining their responsibilities. And second, she would eventually like to add another munchkin to her growing brood.
Hobbies & Interests cooking, eating, running, yoga, volleyball, gardening, writing, billiards, archery, paintball, swimming, tennis, scuba diving, dancing, 21st century culture, music, movies, astrology, shopping, the supernatural, history

Personal History Spencer Alexandra Scott was born to her Scottish father, William Alexander Scott, and Irish born mother, Grace Michelle Conner-Scott on May 17, 2364. She is the second oldest of six children, with two brothers, one older and one younger, and is also the oldest out of four girls. Growing up in such a large family was always something she loved thanks to constantly being surrounded by the people. It was this that encouraged her to
become such a people person.

She thrived in school, soaking in all the knowledge she was being taught by her teachers and what she read in books. She took a shine toward history and astrology instead of playing with children her age. When she found free time, that
was spent with her mother learning how to play the piano. She never found herself to be particularly fond of the instrument, but it made her mother happy, so she stuck with it.

Her Academy life was busy to say the least. Her love of flying was what she wanted to do more than anything, which is why she chose to split her courses between Flight Control and Fighter Operations. It wasn't an easy task that she set out for herself, but she never planned to give up.

During her second year at the Academy, Spencer met Fourth Year Cadet, Michael Aravan and became fast friends with him. She knew that he would be graduating later that year, but refused to dwell on it, enjoying all the time she could spend with him. Her feelings for him grew beyond friendship in no time, but the fear of being rejected by him was what kept her from mentioning anything. It was only when he graduated and moved onto his first tour of duty did she finally
come clean about her feelings for him during one of the 'letters' they exchanged regularly. Once she made the admission, she felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from her and she could breathe again.

Despite telling him the truth, it was still a day to day struggle trying to come to terms with the fact that she couldn't see him like she used to. She spent most of her time outside of her classes completely devoted to her studies. Her determination soon paid off, because by the time her Starfleet Academy education came to an end two years later, she was among the top tenth percentile.

Her first official tour of duty was spent on board the U.S.S. Fantasy. She poured herself into her job, trying to keep her mind off of the fact that she wasn't with the man that she loved, but that was the only driving force she needed to prove to everyone she could do it. Her hard work and perseverence proved strong because she was eventually given the chance to pick where she wanted to go, and made the decision to join Michael on the U.S.S. Blizzard where
he proposed to her. Her next tour was with him on the U.S.S. Nimitz where they eventually married one another.

It was in the year 2388 that she became pregnant with their daughter, giving birth to her in early 2389 in San Francisco, California while her husband took the Command Course at the Academy. Like her husband, Spencer took the Command Courses as well, but wasn't able to devote as much time to it as him considering that she was a new mother. She worked hard and did what she could when she was able, passing with flying colors.

Now she and her family are on board the U.S.S. Triumphant, Starfleets Odyssey Class starship.
Service Record 2380 - Cadet 1st Year; General Studies Cadet; StarFleet Academy
2381 - Cadet 2nd Year; Flight Control Cadet; StarFleet Academy
2382 - Cadet 3rd Year; Flight Control/Fighter Operations; StarFleet Academy
2383 - Cadet 4th Year; Fighter Operations; StarFleet Academy

2383 - U.S.S. Fantasy; Shuttlebay Manager; Ensign
2385 - U.S.S. Blizzard; Chief Support Craft Pilot; Ensign
Early to Mid 2386 - U.S.S. Nimitz; Flight Control Officer; Lieutenant JG
Mid to Late 2386 - U.S.S. Nimitz; Fighter Pilot; Lieutenant
2387 - U.S.S. Nimitz; Wing Commander; Lieutenant Commander
2388 - 2390: Starfleet Academy Command Course (Executive Officer)
2390 - 2391: Executive Officer; U.S.S. Triumphant
Late 2391: Relieved of duty and placed on medical leave.
2392: Retired Commander