Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas Barnes

Name Thomas Barnes

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer


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Wed Feb 17, 2021 @ 9:07pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Father Jacob Barnes
Mother Jaclyn Hawkins
Brother(s) Christopher

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tom's father imposed negative tendencies into his personality early on such as impatience and a short temper. Over time, Tom has learned to keep these in check, but if he is ever pushed hard enough, his temper will show.

Barnes is highly analytical, careful to think any situation through, yet is perfectly capable of making that quick decision in the heat of the moment. Many times, he had considered taking the officer training program and converting his pay grade to officer, but he found he enjoyed the less responsibility and red tape of the enlisted ranks.

Aside from the chevrons on his collar, Barnes enjoys spending his time in the company of others, regardless of rank or position. Information comes his way in all forms, and he uses whatever he needs to put anyone at ease. When not on duty, he'll be near the mess hall or holodecks, eager to use his energy to promote morale and good will.
Strengths & Weaknesses + quick thinker
+ dependable
+ trustworthy
+ good with a tool kit

- trusts too easy
- rare, but volatile temper
Ambitions To put a smile on everyone's face
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering, anything outdoors, poker

Personal History Thomas is the eldest son of a Miami family that was neither rich nor poor. His father was a skilled, but overworked, computer technician while his mother was a stay-at-home mom. Thomas found it difficult to grow up in his early years as his father was never satisfied with his current job. The result was living in a different city every four months for a period of ten years. During this time, Christopher was born. The constant moving created a rift in the family, primarily between his parents.

Ultimately, Thomas’s mother took action; divorcing Jacob. Dozens of court fees and lawyer bills later, his mother won full custody of the kids and moved back to Miami. Finally able to settle down, Thomas could now begin to make friends. He made many, yet the impatient personality traits inherited from his father earned him many enemies. After a fight during his freshman year at high school that resulted in expulsion, Thomas realized that he needed to change.

The new Thomas went to a different public school for the remainder of the year, then returned to the original school. His old friends and enemies were still there, as were plenty of opportunities to resume his original lifestyle. Thomas resisted, and was able to make a new name for himself, as well as gain respect from his former enemies. He was good with computers, but had no major ambitions at the time of graduation. Thanks to his lack of clarity, Thomas, along with a couple of his buddies, enlisted in Starfleet almost immediately.

Training camp flew by quickly, as did the operations training program. Thomas found a liking early on to the complexity of the transporter, and spent another six months in training become certified. For the first couple of years, he was stationed at Utopia Planitia operating cargo transporters. While there, he also got to participate in several construction projects and installations, including the Sovereign and Intrepid classes among others. Years after working on and seeing multiple ships disappear into the cosmos lit the fire of exploration in Thomas' heart. His first transfer request was quickly denied as he had become quite involved in a major transporter refit at the shipyards. Thomas understood, and as soon as the project was complete, his second request was approved. Thomas took the first available assignment to venture out among the stars.

Over the next few years, Barnes moved from ship to ship, ultimately finding new challenges throughout the Dominion War. He had seen many engagements, and served on multiple ships throughout the war, as well as multiple assignments, from transporters to torpedo loading to systems maintenance and bridge duty. For a while, when the USS Intrepid was caught behind enemy lines, Thomas found himself as the acting Operations Officer when the rest of the department had been nearly wiped out in an attack. The experience caused him to consider becoming an officer, but didn't like the idea of leaving the front lines long enough to see it through.

Thomas returned to transporter duty when the war ended, but quickly got back involved with operations and engineering, becoming a systems specialist and even a bosun at one point. A talk with a former colleague prompted Thomas to consider his age and skills, deciding to pursue the senior enlisted ranks and new fields of exploration. This involved some time on Earth and Alpha Centuri, but Thomas found himself again longing for the stars. When the opportunity for assignment came up on the USS Triumphant, he could not refuse.
Service Record 2370 Enlisted in Starfleet
2370 Graduates Operations Training Program
2370 Certified as a Transporter Operator
2370-2372 Utopia Planitia, Cargo Transporter Operator
2372 USS Nautilus, Cargo Transporter Operator
2372-2373 USS Polaris, Transporter Operator
2373-2374 USS Phoenix, Operations Specialist
2374 USS Heritage, Transporter Operator
2375 USS Remington, Operations Specialist
2375 USS Majestic, Operations Specialist
2376 USS London, Computer Systems Specialist
2376 USS Yorktown, Transporter Operator
2377 USS Intrepid, Transporter Operator, Acting Operations Chief
2377-2379 USS Gandhi, Operations Specialist
2380 USS Polaris, Transporter Chief
2380-2382 Starbase 200, Cargo Transporter Chief
2382-2383 USS Sovereign, Boatswain
2384 Senior Enlisted Academy, Alpha Centuri Station
2385 USS Everest, Boatswain
2386-2389 Earth, Enlisted Training Camp Operations School Teacher, Transporters
2389-2392 Alpha Centuri, Enlisted Training Camp, Operations Training
2392 USS Triumphant, Chief Operations Officer