Commodore Michael Aravan

Name Michael Jacob Aravan

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Michael keeps himself in shape physically by spending many hard hours in the gym and holodeck, constantly training to keep himself at peak efficiency and ready for any hand-to-hand combat situation. In his off time, he tends to wear loose fitting clothing and has a ready smile on his face for fellow Star Fleet personnel.


Significant Other Spencer Alexandra Scott-Aravan (Married June 16, 2387)
Children Ava Paige Scott-Aravan; 4 years old
Michael Jacob Aravan, Jr.; 1 year old
Father Xavier Steven Aravan age 54
Mother Denise Catherine Aravan age 53
Brother(s) Gage Nicolas Aravan Age 27
Sister(s) Tina Whitney Aravan-Reyes age 27
Other Family Sean William Aravan age 33 - Cousin, Aaron Silvario Reyes - Brother-in-law married to Tina, Sister-in-law Piper Aravan married to Gage.
Father-in-law - Justin Alexander Scott, Mother-in-law - Grace Michelle Scott, Brother-in-laws, Kyle Franklin Scott, Heath Travis Scott, Sister-in-laws - Piper Marie Scott, Kamden Lisette Scott, and Jenna Danielle Scott
Nephew: Liam Aravan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Michael dedicates him to the security of StarFleet as more than just a Security Officer. Despite his youthful appearance, Michael is a more than capable man when he is on duty or off duty and prefers to let his actions speak for him. He has an issue with overworking himself and suffers from migraines as a result. When not working out or training in Jeet Kune Do and other hand-to-hand combat techniques, he employs the use of the holodeck to indulge in his one vice of becoming his favorite character of all time: Sherlock Holmes.
Languages Spoken and Written: Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
* Motivated
* Works well with a team or independent
* Relentless
* Timely

* Prone to pull pranks
* Holodeck Science Fiction and mystery programs
* His wife and daughter
Ambitions To serve StarFleet to the best of his abilities in the command his own vessel, and better himself
Hobbies & Interests * Bonsai Trees in his ready room
* Holodeck Programming
* Working Out
* Sports
* Reading all genres, but mystery is his true passion
* Cryptography
* Puzzles
* Jeet Kune Do
* Singing
* Massotherapy - Self taught, specializes in Shiatsu massages.
* Dancing

Personal History Born 07/14/2356 to Xavier and Denise Aravan, the older brother Gage Aravan, Michael spent long hours trying to be protective, himself an example of what to do when a situation called for and leading from the front. It wasn't always easy as Gage liked to fight, but it taught Michael to stand up for people. It was far more important than other self-serving jobs which most people chose to get into. He learned honor and duty from his father, and kindness and perseverance from his mother.

He was trained in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, armed combat, and how to figure out a situation before entering too deeply. The latter was done by countless hours of being put into situations by his parents who left a series of clues for him to follow. When he succeeded, he was rewarded, but to him the greatest reward was figuring it out on his own. When he failed, he was shown where he went wrong and encouraged not to forget what happened.

At age 18, he applied to and was accepted at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, California, Earth where he dedicated himself to the art of being a Security Officer. Rather than choosing to specialize in any given area, he majored in both Security and Tactical, with Investigation as a minor.

It was during his senior year at the Academy that he met Spencer Scott. The young woman had been in her second year and Michael couldn't get enough of her. When he wasn't studying, he spent every available and knew that he had to have her as more than just a friend. While he hadn't openly admitted it to anyone, Michael knew that he was in love with her. Upon his graduation, he told her that he would keep in contact with her and even though he did after he was shipped out on the USS Victory, he left his heart with her. No other woman had a chance, and many threw themselves at him only to meet a brick wall.
Service Record Service Record
2374 - Cadet 1st Year - General Studies Cadet - StarFleet Academy
2375 - Cadet 2nd Year - Security - General - StarFleet Academy
2376 - Cadet 3rd Year - Security/Tactical - StarFleet Academy
2377 - Cadet 4th Year - Security/tactical - StarFleet Academy

2378 - 2380 - Security Officer - Ensign - USS Sacagawea
2380 - 2382 Security/Tactical Officer -Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant USS Victory
2383 - 2385 Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander - USS Blizzard
2385 - 2387 Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical - Lieutenant Commander to Commander - Nimitz Station
2388 - 2390 Starfleet Academy Command Course
Present Captain - USS Triumphant.

2380 - 2382 After leaving the USS Sacagawea, Michael was assigned as a Security/Tactical Officer on board the U.S.S. Victory. There, his training was put to intense scrutiny and he received countless hours of real time study and active duty in the field of Security and Tactical. He learned how to filter fact from fiction, truth from lie, and had it ingrained in him to double check all of his facts. The hours were long and there were times when he suffered from intense headaches, but he came to learn that was the time when his brain was trying to point out the obvious to him. Once learning that, he began watching for the signals of an impending headache so he would know that his mind was pointing something out to him. The only thing that kept him sane was his constant contact with Spencer Scott, his best friend and love from the Academy.

For two years, he learned Romulan and Klingon, the latter being one of the hardest languages that he had ever encountered. Nearly breaking, he elected to continue his training, never knowing when he would be called on to have to speak like a native. Mastering the two languages added to his ability to investigate likely enemies of the Federation, even though he was far more likely would be called upon to use his Romulan the way things were going at the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone.

2383 - 2385 From the U.S.S. Victory, his four year term completed, Michael was transferred to USS Blizzard and put himself to good use in Security there, adding his knowledge and training to the already vast amount that was to be learned there. Not wasting his time or the time of his superiors, he dedicated himself to learning even more, this time settling into Cryptography, a passion for puzzles as his driving motivation. Promoted to Lieutenant JG.

2385 - 2387 Getting his next set of orders, Lieutenant JG Aravan said his farewells to the few friends he had on USS Blizzard and transferred to the USS Nimitz where he served in the capacity of Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical. It was in this position that he learned all the ins and outs of how a department was run, and he maintained a working balance between the two separate areas of the same field. Michael continued to learn everything he could about the position, incorporating every aspect from the Master-at-Arms to the position that he held. No one would ever say that he did not set the example for anyone who ever entered his department. Lead by example was his prime motto. For two years, he served on the station before being promoted to full Lieutenant after breaking up a ring of weapons smugglers that were stealing Federation weapons and selling them to the Cardassians.

2387 - 2390 Michael decided that he had gone as far as he could in the Security/Tactical area and went back to the Academy to take the Command course. Left the Academy with his own command as a Captain of the USS Triumphant.

2392: Promoted to Commodore

Michael suffers from bad migraines from over working himself. Going to Medical for something to handle the pains that his headaches gave him, but turned up nothing other than the Medical officer telling him that perhaps he needed to learn to step back from his intense concentration and take a break. "Nothing good will come of your work if you continually force yourself beyond your limits. In fact, if you do continue to do this, I may have to note it on your permanent record."

He took that order to heart and learned to work with the flow and when he needed to take a step back from it, although he never took time off when something was time sensitive. Because of what the Medical officer had told him, he dealt with the headaches and focused his concentration more the first time around so he wouldn't get a headache after going over something for the fifteenth time. The one person who was able to help more than anyone was his wife, Spencer Scott-Aravan.