1) Have fun. This is a game where we all get to invoke one of our favorite past times: Writing. We get to create new characters, go on new adventures and do things that we cannot do in our every day lives. The loves, lives and stories of these characters are here to bring joy to everyone. Please remember, though, that it is a game and do not let it affect you as real life would.

2) We are here to write and enjoy ourselves, nothing more and nothing less. The passion which was awakened in us when we watched TOS, Enterprise, TNG, Voyager or Deep Space 9 and brought us to create our own Star Trek universe is one which should be enjoyable to all. We encourage you, the player, to reach to your final frontiers of writing and breathe new life into your characters and the adventures they will have.

3) Bring all disputes to Command immediately. We understand that Ensign Hulkinator may have anger issues as a character development arc, but if your character becomes hurt/backed into a corner, please attempt to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner through the use of OOC (Out of Character) means such as a note in the joint post that you aren't comfortable with what the other player is doing with Ensign Hulkinator to your character. If this does not work, please bring the issue with all facts to the Command team and we will take the time to learn both sides of the story and attempt to reach a peaceful solution.

If you and Player X do not get along out of character, please attempt to resolve it through mutual agreement. If you are unable to do such, again, please bring the issue with all the facts to the Command team and we will take the time to learn both sides of the story and attempt to reach a peaceful solution.

4) One mission post is required to be posted every two weeks. A mission post can be a solo post involving your character or a joint post with one or more characters belonging to other people. This does not mean that you only have to respond once every two weeks to a JP. If you are unable, please bring it to the attention of Command, do not simply abandon a post until you feel like tagging it in again. We are here to create stories and work together as a team and we have to depend on each other to further the stories and missions in a timely manner.

5) If you need a Leave of Absence, please be kind enough to inform Command that you need one and when you expect to return. We know real life takes precedence. If you take a Leave of Absence without informing the Command team by simply not signing in, it will be considered a resignation if we are unable to contact you within a two week period and your character will be deactivated. If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from contacting the Command team, such as loss of internet, hospitalization, or similar situations, we will look forward to hearing from you when you are able to respond to us and discuss if you wish to return to your previous position and character.

6) Do not godmode. This means you cannot have your character automatically hit another character without the other players permission. Do not have your character do fifty things in one tag that a normal person could not do in the same amount of time. This may mean you are trying to have your character kill thirteen enemies while saving a dozen hostages before the other players character has taken more than two steps.

7) Do not use out of character information in the game. This means that if you, as a player have been told what is going to happen before it happens in the game decides to have your character act upon that information. This is unfair to other players, it is unfair to the person who trusted you with this information and it is disruptive to the game as a whole.

The first infraction of use of out of character information will result in a verbal warning.

The second infraction will result in you being placed on moderation which means that all of your posts will be on hold until they are reviewed and released by the Command team.

The third use of out of character information will result in a punishment suitable to the offense, up to and including the removal from the sim.

8) No Q, Douwd or other godlike races. No canon characters (Picard, Kirk, Janeway, etc). It's very tempting to want a character who is omnipotent or a well known character in the Star Trek universe, but godlike beings are very disruptive to the game and will throw it out of balance. The use of canon characters is prohibited simply because you do not own the rights to those characters and Paramount/CBS can file lawsuit against the simulation and everyone involved will be made to suffer.

9) Do NOT write for other people's characters without their permission. It does not matter if you copy a line or a paragraph that came out in a previous post written by that person for that character. If you do not have permission to do so, you should respect that players desire not to allow you to do this. It can lead to problems among players in a situation which should not have happened in the first place.

10) Do not have your character be a super hero. While Starfleet officers are highly trained individuals, there is only so much they can do in a situation. Many choose to specialize within one department and rely on other personnel to have the needed skills in another department. One character cannot have complete and total knowledge of all departments and the ability to carry out actions which would require a full team of personnel to do.

11) The sim rating is currently 16+ years of age for the player, not the character, which means that everyone is expected to conduct themselves as an adult. The RPG Rating, found on is Language 2, Sexual Content 1 and Violence 2. The definition of the number is as folows:

Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted, to a point.

Sex 1: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.

Violence 2: Explicit violence is permitted.

12) If you have any game ideas, questions or concerns, do not hesitate to come to the Command team. We have an open door policy and look forward to speaking with you. We encourage story arcs as long as they do not counteract the current mission. Just please contact us before you start one.

13) You are allowed up to create NPCs, but only Command is allowed to put an NPC in a Department Head (Chief) spot. If you create an NPC, please play that character as well due to wanting to keep spots open for new players. If a new player joins and wants the spot occupied by an NPC, the NPC will be moved down to the next available position. If an NPC is not played during the extent of a mission, it will be removed from the manifest at the end of the mission.

14) Discrimination of any kind, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, or age will not be tolerated. We adhere to a zero tolerance policy for such acts and you will be summarily removed from the sim if it is proven that you did such an act.